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Science:  Rocks, Earth, and Volcanoes

A collection of printable science worksheets, articles, and activities for teaching students about volcanoes, rocks, and layers of the Earth.

Rock, Earth, and Volcano Worksheets

Rocks and Minerals

Learn about the three categories of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. How does each type of rock form? What are the characteristics of each? This file includes the article and comprehension questions.
3rd through 5th Grades
Common Core
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Fossils can tell us a lot about plants and animals that lived thousands of years ago. Find out how fossils form and why they're important in this article. Comprehension questions are included.
6th and 7th Grades
Students will search the classroom for fun facts about rocks and minerals. When they find a fact, they record it on their question sheet.
3rd through 6th Grades

Layers of the Earth

An informative article on the layers of the Earth (crust, mantle, inner core, and outer core).  Includes comprehension questions.
3rd through 5th Grades
Assemble a booklet that illustrates the four layers of planet Earth.  (Note:  This is a large file that may take a minute or two to download.)
Label the Earth's crust, mantle, inner core, and outer core.
Wind your way through the word maze to reveal an interesting fact. Words include: crust, mantle, inner core, and outer core. Fact reads: The crust and top pat of the mantle are made of moving pieces called tectonic plates. Movements of these plates can cause earthquakes.
3rd through 6th Grades


Discover why volcanoes erupt; learn the four different types of volcanoes; and read interesting volcano facts.  Includes five comprehension questions.
3rd through 5th Grades


Here's a reading comprehension passage about tsunamis. It includes questions and a vocabulary activity.
4th through 6th Grades

Sunrise & Sunset

Cut out the sun and the house scene. Attach the sun with a brass paper fastener. Move the sun from the east to the west as it rises and sets.
For best results, print on thick card stock.
Kindergarten to 3rd Grade
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Rocks Worksheets and Activities - Scavenger Hunt

Types of Rocks Article - Reading Comprehension

Layers of Earth Worksheets

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