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Daily Word Problems - Level C (3rd Grade)

Here you'll find Daily Math Word Problem worksheets for 3rd graders (Level C). The problems start out basic in the beginning, and become more challenging as the year goes on. Each file includes a mix of one-step and multi-step problems.

daily word problems c Worksheets
This file contains 5 worksheets, with one word problem on each page. There are 3 multi-step problems and 2 one-step problems.
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3rd Grade
Common Core
Multiple Versions Available
Multiple Versions Available
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This file has five more word problems- one for each day of the school week. In this set, students will use addition, subtraction, and basic multiplication (repeated addition) to solve single and multi-step problems.
3rd Grade
Students will use math skills to answer a series of questions about golf balls, coins, t-shirts, and crayons.
3rd Grade
This set has multiple-step problems with addition and subtraction, as well as single-step multiplication problem, and a special place value challenge.
3rd Grade
In this file, you'll see a new 3rd grade word problem for each day of the week. Skills include counting money, addition, and subtraction, as well as basic multiplication.
3rd Grade
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Math Buzz
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Math Buzz is a daily math review series. There are 150 spiraling review worksheets in the set. Math Buzz covers a wide range of age-appropriate of skills, including time, money, place value, operations, geometry, area, perimeter, measurement, and fractions.

More Daily Word Problems

STW has daily word problems for other grades as well. Check them out! All done with the 3rd grade Daily Word Problems? Then move ahead to 4th!

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