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Daily Word Problems - Level D (4th Grade)

This page contains a large collection of daily math word problems at a 4th grade level (Level D). Many problems are multi-step, and cover a wide-range of skills, including: multi-digit multiplication, division, operations with fractions and decimals, place value, reading graphs, and measurement.

Daily Math Word Problems (4th Grade) Worksheets
This file has 5 pages, with a word problem for each day of the week. There are 3 multi-step problems and 2 single-step. Add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide to solve.
4th Grade
Common Core
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Multiple Versions Available
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Four out of five of these problems are multi-step. Skills include basic operations with whole numbers, counting money, and interpreting data from a table.
4th Grade
This set includes a problem related to number patterns, solving 4-digit operations, and reading & interpreting data on a table.
4th Grade
Use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve these five single and multi-step problems.
4th Grade
Calculate elapsed time for a movie. Count to find the value of dollar bills and coins. Solve two multi-step problems using the four basic operations.
4th Grade
Answer math questions about real-world scenarios related to money and making change, line plots, and division.
4th Grade
THis set includes 1 single-step and 4 multi-step word problems for fourth graders. Multiply fractions by whole numbers, calculate perimeter, and more.
4th Grade
Read a line plot and answer questions. Multiply 2-digit by 1-digit numbers together. Use addition, subtraction, and multiplication to calculate costs. Solve a word problem involving fractions.
4th Grade
Subtract decimals (money), add fractions with like denominators, calculate perimeter, and calculate weight.
4th Grade
This set of 5 worksheets has a variety of single and multi-step problems. Skills involve operations with fractions and division.
4th Grade
Read, analyze, and interpret data on a table. Solve by using operations with mixed numbers. Division of a fraction by a whole number. Add fractions with like denominators.
4th Grade
Multiply 3-digit numbers by a single-digit. Convert feet to yards. Divide with A 3-digit dividend and a 1-digit divisor.
4th Grade
Multiply length by width to find area. Add or multiply fractions with like denominators. Solve multi-step word problems at a 4th grade level.
4th Grade
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Math Buzz
Level D - Grade 4

Download and print daily math review problems for 4th grade. The Math Buzz set includes all types of problems, including measurement, charts, rounding, place value, operations with whole numbers, decimals, and operations with fractions.

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Daily Word Problem Worksheets - 4th Grade

Printable Daily Word Problems - Fourth Grade

Daily Word Problem Worksheets - 4th Grade

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