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Add to your super hero status by sharing this great resource with your teachers: the Super Teacher Worksheets site presents veritable Kryptonite for student boredom!

Gary Hopkins, on his Education World Blog, "Of Principal Concern"


I am a 3rd grade teacher in Yorkville Illinois. I just wanted to let you know how great your site is. There are so many sites out there that costs a lot of money to subscribe to for lots less to offer than your site has. Thank you thank you thank you! I use your site on a daily basis and so do my co-teachers.



I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate your website. This fall marks the start of my teaching career as I am currently student teaching. Your website has been the most valuable resource I have access to. It's difficult to find a website that has great worksheets that are actually printable and best of! Once my mentor teacher saw all that I had printed from your site, not too long after word spread like rapid fire and I now see your worksheets throughout the elementary school :) Thank you for providing this service to teachers all over the world. You are truly making a difference.

Thanks again.


I am a parent who homeschools her son. I have used your site from time to time. I just wanted you to know that I think it is a great resource. I really do appreciate all the hard work put into it. I am really excited to see the new gradebook. As a homeschool parent, I teach all of the subjects you have listed. My son is not in elementary school, but I think it may be a useful tool for me to use to record his grades. I am excited to try it out.

A grateful parent,

I am just writing a quick note to tell you what an awesome website this is!! The abundance of material & quality is amazing!

Thank you,

As a homeschooling mom - I LOVE your website! I have used it constantly in the past week and from what I see - you and I will be teaching together a lot this year!

Thanks again,

Hi Tim,

I am now teaching science to all the grades in my elementary school, K-5. I recently used your plant scavenger hunt and the kids had such great fun looking for the answers and learning about plants...Thanks for a great!!! web site.

Betty in Virginia

Thanks for all the cool worksheets that you make available. We home school and I absolutely use your worksheets for everything.


After I discovered, studied and in fact utilized the worksheets from this "totally awesome" website, one question continues to recur in my mind, " Who are you???". Who is this "totally awesome individual" who have worked so hard to develop this amazing website that is making my job incredibly easier. I can't even remember exactly how I stumbled upon your website but I am certainly glad I did. Your worksheets are wonderful and still free and so easy to access. What a wonderful thing you do!!I don't know who you are but I am thankful for you and all that you do. I use this site almost every day. It is so much fun. Thank-you again and again and again. You are one special person.

Special Education Resource Teacher, Kansas

Hi, I am just a home schooling mom who wanted to say thank you so much for your web site! It is immensely helpful to me and my children. :)


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who put this website together. We just started homeschooling our two boys this year, on a very limited budget, and this website has been a huge help. I have many websites bookmarked, but this is the only one that I have used regularly. Our oldest son is in 3rd grade and desperately wanted to learn cursive this year. We aren't even a full month into school and he is almost finished with his cursive alphabet using the worksheets on your site. He loves them! They have helped him so much even on the control of his manuscript writing. Your math and grammar worksheets have been great for supplementing his existing curriculum, and reinforcing difficult concepts.

Thank you!! I can't say that enough. Please keep this going, I know that we will use these resources for years to come.


Thank you for your wonderful worksheets. I found them extremely useful this year.


I just wanted to thank you so much for the site. I have been using it for my second grade classroom for about 4 months. It has been a great supplementary site for the regular materials we are given. Further, I like the extras like Christopher Columbus pages. I have been sharing it with my team.

Thanks again,

Good morning Tim! My name is Porter I work for CIS (Communities in Schools). I wanted you to know that I found your website very resourceful and awesome! I love it!!!! I also have shared the link with my co-workers.

Porter, Texas

And another message from Porter...

I love this site. I hope you can develop upper-grade level material soon. Do you have any more math mystery pictures? The kids love them and I've run out of mystery animals. (smile) If so can you upload them so I can print more out. I sent a link to over 200 of my co-workers.


Hey Tim,

I just wanted to let you know that I love your site. I work with low literacy adults, and your worksheets are very effective in the classroom. Thanks again for providing the general population with free invaluable resources.


OMG.I love your website. I can't believe how often I go to and I can't believe how often I find exactly (or better) than I'm looking for. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

2nd grade

Hi there,

I just wanted to tell you what a life saver your site has been. I am a first year special education teacher at the middle school level. I teach math and my kids' skills are all over the place. You're site has been a great resource to find worksheets to fill in those gaps for the kiddos and they are great because they are not super "little kid" worksheets even though many of the concepts are elementary concepts. Thanks so much!

Also, the new layout for the site looks great!

Just wanted to thank you for all you do on your website! I use it daily and tell everyone I know about it. Just when I think I have an idea for a worksheet, I go onto your page and BOOM! it is there already! Thanks again for all the worksheets you have and will provide for me!


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