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I was lucky enough to find your wonderful website and top quality activity sheets. Thank you so much! I purchased the Math Riddle book download and I love it! I don't know how this website sustains itself with so much free stuff, but I do appreciate it. I am recommending it to my colleagues.


Hi there Tim.

I just want to thank you so much for your great site! Your worksheets are really of the best quality out there, and my kids are loving them! We live in South Africa, and it's very expensive to import materials, so we are always so grateful to find a site like yours.


Hi Tim,

I just stumbled upon this website couple of weeks ago and was just amazed at the quantity and quality of the material and that too for FREE.


I am a parent with 2 smart kids who needs more mental stimulation than provided in school. I was looking high n low for some easy solution and came across this wonderful site. We daily print out sheets and they enjoy doing writing prompts. Just keep it up!!

Thanks a million

Hi! I love your worksheets. Especially the writing prompts and the math word problems. I like how you have included several different skills on each worksheet. It is a great way to quickly assess various skills at the same time. I also really enjoy the overall appearance of the worksheets. Very nice!

Tracy M.
Third Grade Teacher, Missouri

Just Wanted To Say "Thank You" For The Fabulous Worksheets You So Freely Create and Allow The Public To Utilize On Your Website! I Teach College Courses and Your Worksheets Have Been Very Helpful To The Students. Again...Thanks!!! Have A Great Day!

Have A Fabulous Day!

I am a third grade teacher and happened upon your site several weeks ago. I absolutely love it. I have found and used many items. When introducing a new skill, I look on your site to see what will go with it.

Thank you,

Hi, Let me start by saying that I love your site and all the free worksheets and charts you have available. As a homeschool mom on a budget, I am always looking for straight forward, easy to use printables that are free.... Thanks!


I am in awe of anyone who can teach and run such a useful and comprehensive site such as yours at the same time!


Good morning Tim,

I really like using your worksheets in my classroom. I teach first grade at Upper Little Caillou Elementary in Chauvin, Louisiana. Thanks for your great resources. I appreciate all your hard work and sharing.


I JUST found your site and LOVE it. I have 8 grandchildren ranging in age from 15 years to 1 year. Thank you for this wonderful (and free!) resource!

Thank you again

Thank you very much for the service you are giving to us poor homeschool families who come to you for extra worksheets to reinforce something we are teaching.



Thank you so much for such an awesome website!!!! I homeschool my children and this site has really helped me reinforce concepts.

Thank you again for such a great site!!!!

Cathy W.

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your website! This is the first year that I have used it (I just found it), and it is a great way to supplement our curriculum! Thank you again!

Third Grade teacher


I am a Homeschool mom and I love your site !! My kids love your worksheets. Thank you for giving us your resources to use free. That comes in handy when you have a limited budget. Keep up the wonderful work !!!


Thanks for your awesome site. My 2nd grader has been doing worksheets from it all day long & he is loving it!!


I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such an awesome site. I have found so many useful things here. I appreciate your hard work and willingness to share. Thank you!

2nd grade teacher

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