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I've been using your math and English grammar worksheets for the past two years. This summer I'm using the multiplication sheets for tutoring. Many thanks for the help! Keep up the good work!


I am not a teacher but I love kids and have been volunteering at a local school ( English) here in Panama. At the end of the school year I was asked to tutor one of my six year old students in learning to read as he is returning to the U.S. for Grade 1 in September. Being only a volunteer I needed help. After searching the internet I came across your website. You have no idea how much you have helped me over the past 5 weeks I have been teaching. We have made great progress and I could not have done it without your website. Thank you so much for the awesome and free worksheets, finding any schoolwork in English here in Panama is beyond difficult so your website was a "super" find. Keep up the good work!

Linda Panama

Thank you for having free printable worksheets that we can use. In this day and time its hard to purchase activitiy books for what they cost. This is a really cool web site and I am looking forward to using it. Thanks.


I wanted to take a minute to thank you for this site. My son and I have recently moved overseas for a short period of time and this site makes everything allot easier. He is currently learning another language and this site helps me maintain what he was learning the USA. All the worksheets are so well done and well thought out. I really appreciate this site and the time you spend making it for us.

Fernanda and Julian

And another email from Fernanda...

We just recently moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I never spoke Portuguese at home so Julian is currently learning it. Even though we are just temporarily here I don't want him to forget English so I get all those grammar, phonics, and reading comprehension worksheets for him to do. There is nothing like going to a new place and learning a new language. We are really enjoying this experience!!!


Hi, Thank You, I am very thankful to super teacher for the benefits that I am getting through it. Thanks once again....


I just found your site today in a search for activities with sentences and fragments and it is awesome. I am going to forward it to all of my colleagues. Great job!

Alicia, 2nd grade teacher

What a great resource your web site is. Thank you for providing such a valuable tool!


Hi Tim,

Thanks so much for creating this website. I can't tell you the number of hours you have saved me from creating my own supplemental materials. I have used your worksheets in a series of brainteaser books that I have compiled for my students to work on that reinforce skills learned in the classroom. The kids love working on the books when they finish their work. Thanks again!



I just wanted to thank you for the free assistance. I have a special day class (special education) with 3 grade levels, in California, and I've used your site a lot for homework. Could I send you $25 or something? I am in the Los Angeles area and I work for LAUSD.

Thanks again,


Wow - you have done a great job! Thank you for making these resources available to teachers freely!


Hi Tim,

I just found your site and I am amazed by the great ideas and the amount of reproducibles! I teach reading to new immigrant and refugee students in ND. I have a wide range to abilities within my classes, so these resources will help me out more than you know!

Thank you,
Betsy, ELL Reading

*WOW !! *I am loving this web site!! It's helping me so much w/ my son in 4th grade; thank you!



As the Program Coordinator for a tutoring company, I am always on the lookout for educational materials. Your site offers that and much more. The printables are wonderful, fun, and educational for our students.

Like everyone, we are always on the lookout for inexpensive or free materials. I do utilize one particular dollar store in town that carries wonderful educational materials. Still, I am always on the look out for new, educational AND fun materials. As all of our new groups have recently initiated their tutoring, we have much success with your site. I usually complete my searches based on subject rather than grade for as we know, the grade level does not always mean the youth is able to comprehend grade level material. I had a student today tell me she LOVES the Math work sheets I bring to her. I love it. Thanks so much Tim.


I just want to let you know that I LOVE your website! I find so many awesome worksheets to use in my homeschooling!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!



I am currently working in South Korea as an elementary school English language teacher. This website has been an absolute blessing. I have worked as a sub in the states at an elementary school, but I graduated as a secondary education Literature major. I hadn't a clue how to teach English as a language when I got here and to be honest, our training was worthless. Because of your site I have come up with great new ideas and had worksheets to aid me in teaching my students. I passed along the website to my friends in the program here and hope they do the same. Thanks again.


I'm a grandma raising her grandson. Things have changes since I went to school (even since my own boys were in school) and so, to help my grandson, I go online a lot, not only to get refreshed, but to learn the new things that have come along and the new ways to teach old things. Your site is now THE one I go to. No more multiple sites. No more bouncing back & forth between pages. I love that you have all the choices of where to navigate to on each page!!! Thank you!

Grammy Joyce

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