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Dear Tim,

I wanted to write to thank you for all of the wonderful resources you have available at your website. I am a first year teacher at this new school and have found your worksheets very fun and helpful for my third graders. It is a great supplement to our math curriculum especially which I feel has plenty of holes. Also, the grammar worksheets are excellent, easy to understand, and actually fun for my kids. I have recently discovered the writing prompts that have worked great for our push for expository writing this year. I really like your Reading Comprehension worksheet on Barack Obama. That lined up so nicely concluding our study and following of the election.

Keep up the great work and I just wanted you to know you are appreciated!


Dear Tim,

I just found out about your website today. Wow, I think it is great. As you know, we teachers love sharing resources and I will definitely share your site. Thank you for developing such a great site...for free :)


I want to tell you how great of a website Super Teacher is. This has help me assist my daughter at home with areas that she need help with in school. Just when I was about to give up on looking for ways to help my daughter because on most of everything wanted some money to print of stuff but something told me to try one more website & it was this. Thanks again for giving parents like myself that want to assist the teacher in helping their kids learn.


Thank you!! I've been looking all over for high quality synonym and antonym activities. One of the best websites I've seen in a long time.

Special Education Teacher

I really like your website and all the stuff you have on it. I use your spelling worksheets to help my sons with their spelling. I homeschool, so it is a great help! . . . I really do appreciate your websites cuz it is hard to find good ones that you don't have to pay to use, so thanks tremendously!



I love your worksheets! I use them during my small group reading time. The students rotate to the skills practice center and there they get to practice the skill that was introduced to them during the week. The worksheets are great for a 15 minute lesson. I have shared your website with my teacher friends. Thanks again.

Beth, 4th Grade Educator

I really appreciate your site, which I just discovered. I am a reading specialist but help the teachers in many different grades and subjects. I just hit paydirt with your website on so many topics. Wish I'd found it early this year, but it's saved to favorites now!


Hi Tim,

I stumbled upon your website, and I'd like you to know that I was glad that I did. I love the layout of the pages, and I especially, like what I found on the pages. It's such a practical site. To do all the things teachers do, they've got to be super teachers. Thank you for creating the site.


Hi Tim,

I was introduced to your web site today by a co-worker. I have spent hours surfing it and love the user friendly lay out, differentiated work sheets, and teacher comment pages.

My question is...Do you have a homework sheet layout that teachers/students could use to write in their daily assignments, spelling words, and special reminders?


Here you go Angela: The new Teacher Tools page has the homeworks sheets you request, as well as printable teacher plan book pages. Enjoy!

Dear Tim,

I'm sure by now you've had millions of happy, thankful teachers write to you. Well, can I be included in that bunch? I can't tell you how much I have relied on your website for last minute emergencies, as well as for that little extra for my well-planned lessons. Your lessons and activities are life-savers for substitute teachers, too! I've always had trouble finding the right kind of material and lessons for subs, since it is too much for them to delve into the daily curriculum or content area. This is just the right stuff for all situations, and the kids really love the activities!

Thanks again,

My teacher suggested that if we want extra practice on class room work that we check out this web site address. You have some really cool stuff, and my friends and I love to play school and teacher and we use your worksheets to do homework and stuff.

4th Grade Student


I am, as you can see below, working on my master's degree. Part of my work requires making sure that credit gets where credit is due. I used a couple of your worksheets for a lesson plan I was making on equivalent fractions.


OMG. I love you. How/why are you doing this??

Teacher and Homeschool mom

This morning I searched and searched for a website to use, as I am doing Alternate Assessments on two SCD children. I eventually found a site and signed up, only to be disappointed. I absolutely LOVE superteacherworksheets! I have found so many things that have helped me. I am just sorry I didn't know to join your site beforehand. When I can, I will join your site. I love the way it's set up and all. I signed up with a strange site that has awkward ways to download their items. I just wanted to let you know. Y'all have a great site and I visit it regularly.

Thanks for the help.


and another e-mail from Kisty....

Thanks for the reply. I will tell all my friends about superteacherworksheets! Like I said, it's terrific. I wouldn't have survived this grueling task had I not found your site.

Have a great day!!!

and another e-mail from Kisty.... I think she's one of our biggest fans. :-)

Just wanted you to know that I didn't send you that email to get on the FAN MAIL board. Just found that and was so happy to see my name!! I have used and abused your site all day today. It my own words...........FANTABULOUS!! If it weren't for your site, I would be in a rut.

Can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work!!!


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