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Report Card Comments for Science and Social Studies

Science Comments
  1. __ has a refreshingly analytic mind for science concepts.
  2. __ did a wonderful job on his/her __ project.
  3. __ needs to study for science tests.
  4. __ needs to learn science vocabulary.
  5. Reading comprehension often interferes with __'s ability to perform well on science tests.
  6. I would like to see __ improve his/her note-taking skills.
  7. __ is an active participant in class discussions.
  8. __ is a leader during in-class science activities.
  9. __ has difficulty memorizing scientific concepts.
  10. __ understands and executes the scientific process in class.
  11. Many science homework assignments have not been handed in.
  12. __ takes pride in his/her science projects.
Social Studies Comments
  1. __ is an active participant in social studies discussions.
  2. __ needs to study for social studies tests.
  3. __'s social studies notes are often incomplete.
  4. __ has difficulty reading maps.
  5. __ has difficulty memorizing social studies facts and dates.
  6. __ needs to study social studies vocabulary words.
  7. __ understands all social studies concepts taught so far this year.
  8. __ needs to manage his/her time effectively when working on social studies projects.
  9. Test scores in social studies are high.  I can tell __ prepares for tests!
  10. __ does well with group activities.
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