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Report Card Comments for Behavior & Social Development

Behavior, General Conduct, and Social Skills
  1. __'s in-class behavior is excellent.
  2. __ has a positive attitude towards school.
  3. __ is respectful and considerate.
  4. __ makes a sincere effort and works hard in class.
  5. __ displays an enthusiasm for learning.
  6. __ is a leader and a positive role model for other students.
  7. __ demonstrates positive character traits.
  8. __ does well when he/she focuses on the task at-hand.
  9. __ has difficulty completing class assignments in a timely manner.
  10. __ requests a great deal of adult assistance when completing school work.
  11. __ needs to work on sitting still and focusing on class lessons.
  12. __ needs to work on organizing school supplies.
  13. __ needs to treat others with respect.
  14. __ needs to use language that is appropriate for a __ grader.
  15. I'm glad __ is eager to participate in class discussions, but he/she needs to raise his/her hand when he/she has something to say.
  16. __ often forgets his/her books and assignments.
  17. __ frequently comes to class unprepared.
  18. __ needs to complete homework assignments on-time.
  19. __ needs to work on following written and oral directions.
  20. __ has difficulty concentrating.
  21. __ does well when he/she slows down and checks his/her work carefully.
  22. When motivated, __ does well on class assignments.
  23. __'s listening skills need improvement.
  24. __ needs to keep his/her hands to himself/herself.
  25. __ needs to follow school rules in lunch and special areas.
  26. I would like to see __ socialize with other students throughout the school day.
  27. __ needs frequent reminders to stay focused throughout the school day.
  28. __ has missed __ school days this year. Frequent absences are affecting __'s school work.
  29. __ does not attempt to make up missing or late work.
  30. I would like to see __ become a more active participant in class discussions.
  31. __ needs to follow teacher directions without complaining.
  32. __ is becoming more independent when completing class assignments.
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