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Report Card Comments for Teachers: Math, Mathematics

Math Comments
  1. __ needs to memorize his/her basic addition and subtraction facts.
  2. __ has a solid understanding of all math concepts taught so far this year.
  3. __ has difficulty understanding and solving word problems.
  4. __ needs to practice reading time on analog clocks.
  5. __ needs to practice counting money.
  6. __'s speed and accuracy will improve greatly if he/she memorizes his/her basic multiplication and division facts.
  7. Math homework assignments are often handed in late or incomplete.
  8. __ needs to slow down and check his/her work carefully.
  9. __ seems to understand concepts taught, but often makes careless mistakes.
  10. __ is an excellent mathematician.
  11. __ is able to follow mathematical processes, but has difficulty explaining how answers are derived.
  12. __ could benefit from attending after-school math help sessions.
  13. __ is unable to read and write large numbers over 100,000.
  14. __ has difficult with math concepts that involve high-level problem-solving.
  15. __ has difficulty with multiple-step math problems.
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