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SMART Board: Addition

  • Addition: 2-Digit Addends (with Regrouping)

  • Addition: 3-Digit Addends

  • Addition: 4-Digit Addends

  • Addition: Money

SMART Board: Subtraction

  • Subtraction: 2-Digit Numbers (with Regrouping)

  • Subtraction: 3-Digit Numbers (with Regrouping)

  • Subtraction: 3-Digit Numbers (Across Zero)

SMART Board: Multiplication

  • Basic Multiplication Arrays

  • Basic Multiplication Objects & Groups

  • Basic Multiplication & Division: Fact Families

  • Multiplication: 2-Digit by 1-Digit Numbers

  • Multiples and LCM

  • Multiplication: 3-Digit by 1-Digit Numbers

  • Multiplication: 2-Digit by 2-Digit Numbers

  • Multiplication: 3-Digit by 2-Digit Numbers

SMART Board: Division

  • Basic Division: Equal Groups

  • Division: 2-Digit Dividends

  • Division: 3-Digit Dividends

  • Division: Money

SMART Board: Measurement

  • Linear Measurement - Half Inch

  • Linear Measurement - Quarter Inch

  • Linear Measurement - Eighth Inch

  • Linear Measurement - Centimeters

SMART Board: Fractions

  • Equivalent Fractions

Smart Board: Place Value

  • Place Value: 3-Digit Numbers

  • Place Value: 4-Digit Numbers

  • Place Value: 5-Digit Numbers

SMART Board: Counting Money

  • Counting Coins (Basic) USA

  • Counting Coins (Intermediate) USA

  • Counting Coins (Intermediate) Canadian

SMART Board: Graphing

  • Pictographs

SMART Board: Telling Time

  • Time to the Nearest Minute

  • Time to the Nearest Five Minutes

  • Time to the Nearest Hour

  • Advanced Clocks, including minutes to and minutes after

SMART Board: Geometry

  • Area

  • Perimeter

SMART Board: Science

  • Human Body

  • Solar System

SMART Board: Social Studies

  • Continents and Oceans

SMART Board: Grammar

  • Introduction to Nouns

  • Singular and Plural Nouns

  • Adjectives

  • Adverbs

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