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Easter Worksheets


Easter Class Games, Word Puzzles, and Brain Teasers

This page has Easter-themed word searches, scrambles, a math game, and even a bingo board! These worksheets are a perfect way to add some fun into learning.

Easter Math

Go to this page to find Easter-themed math worksheets. Use these printables to help reinforce key math skills, including basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Easter Coloring Pages

Get out your crayons, markers, or coloring pencils! This page has Easter-themed coloring pages suitable for both older and younger children.

Easter Crafts

This page has lots of Easter crafts you can use in your classroom. Projects include a cut-out, a make-your-own Easter basket activity, a paper bag puppet, and cootie catchers.

Easter Early Literacy (Very Basic; PreK through 1st)

Use these Easter-themed worksheets to reinforce important early literacy skills with your students.

Easter Reading and Writing (Grades 2 and Up)

These Easter-themed worksheets reinforce key skills related to reading comprehension, writing, grammar, vocabulary, proofreading, and more.

Easter Spelling Units

Easter Spelling Unit - 1st Grade (Level A)

This complete spelling unit has a word list, worksheets, puzzles, alphabetical order activities, flashcards, a word wheel, and spelling test forms. Words include: egg, spring, ham, hide, chick, basket, bunny, candy.

Easter Spelling Unit - 2nd Grade (Level B)

The 2nd grade Easter unit has a word list, puzzles, ABC order activities, and assessment pages. Word list: bunny, find, hop, basket, spring, ham, candy, carrot, chick, color, hide, rabbit, and egg.

Easter Spelling Unit - 3rd Grade (Level C)

This Easter-themed unit includes flashcards, a word wheel, spelling tests, and other activities. The words in this unit include: bunny, parade, hopping, grass, lamb, hatch, bonnet, rabbit, jellybeans, basket, hidden, Easter, orchid, chocolate, and spring.

Easter Spelling Unit - 4th Grade (Level D)

This 4th grade spelling unit includes a word list, worksheets, and puzzles. Words include: basket, daffodil, parade, carrots, tulips, rabbits, Easter, springtime, brunch, hopping, hidden, jellybeans, butterfly, chocolates, decorate, duckling, bonnet, coloring eggs, Sunday, and pastels.

Easter Spelling Unit - 5th Grade (Level E)

The fifth grade Easter spelling list includes the following words: lily, decorate, Easter, colored eggs, blossoms, baskets, Peter Cottontail, parade, chocolates, bonnet, daffodil, jellybeans, hard-boiled eggs, springtime, joyous, brunch, butterfly, rabbits, pastels, and outfits.

Easter Spelling Unit - 6th Grade (Level F)

Check out the 6th grade Easter spelling unit. It includes a word list, crossword puzzle, word search, and more fun activities. These words are included in the list: equinox, symbolic, delightful, hyacinth, parade, butterfly, chocolate, bonnet, commemorate, flourish, daffodil, marshmallow, baskets, confection, bouquet, blossoms, springtime and cottontail.

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