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Easter Reading and Writing

Download and print Easter-themed reading comprehension passages, writing lessons, writing prompts, and ELA worksheets.

Easter Reading Worksheets

Graphic Organizer

On this graphic organizer, students write about the terrific things they smell, see, hear, feel, and taste on Easter morning.
2nd through 4th Grades
Common Core
English and Spanish Versions Available
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Reading Comprehension

Emma is worried she won't find any eggs at the egg hunt, because most of the kids there are bigger and faster.
1st and 2nd Grades
The Easter Bunny has injured her toe and won't be able to hop around the world to deliver her Easter eggs! Can the bunnies find another way to get the eggs delivered in time for Easter?
2nd through 4th Grades
This is a cute poem about hunting for a golden Easter egg.
2nd and 3rd Grades
Ian and his little sister, Amy, are hunting for eggs. Every time Amy sees Ian pick up an egg, she yells, "Mine!" Should Ian share his special eggs with his younger sister?
3rd and 4th Grades
Erica's class is excited about their Easter float, and when Mrs. Jackson asks for a volunteer for a special part in the parade, Erica jumps at the chance. The part isn't what she expected, but it will certainly make her the star of the parade.
3rd through 5th Grades
It's pretty common knowledge that the Easter Bunny is a rabbit, but what exactly makes an animal a rabbit? This article explains some of the similarities and differences between rabbits and hares.
4th through 6th Grades

Writing (Story Pictures and
Writing Prompts)

This page features 16 Easter-themed writing prompts for students to choose from.
2nd through 4th Grades
This black-and-white picture shows two children dressed up as Easter bunnies. Students can write a story to go along with the picture and color the picture in.
1st through 4th Grades
This black-and-white story picture shows a bunny running away from some baby chicks. Students color the picture and write a story to go along with the scene.
1st through 4th Grades
This black-and-white story picture shows two Easter bunnies with giant Easter eggs.
1st through 4th Grades
This black-and-white story picture shows a small rabbit with three helium balloons.
1st through 4th Grades
This color story picture shows a rabbit juggling colorful Easter eggs.
1st through 4th Grades

Grammar & Vocabulary

Use this worksheet to practice making singular nouns possessive.
2nd through 4th Grades
With this worksheet, students will practice writing nouns in their possessive forms. Includes both singular and plural nouns.
4th and 5th Grades
Syllable Egg  FREE 
Read each word on the Easter egg and count the syllables. Color the egg according to the key.
1st and 2nd Grades
These eggs have synonyms and antonyms written in them. Color the synonym eggs yellow and blue. Color the antonym eggs pink and green.
2nd through 4th Grades


How many mistakes can you find in this Easter paragraph? Errors include capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.
2nd through 4th Grades

Mini-Book (Very Basic)

Students can cut out the pages and put together this mini Easter book. Then they can read the short story.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

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Easter Worksheets - Reading Comprehension

Easter Writing Worksheets - Story Prompt

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