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Easter Spelling Grade 6

We have all your spelling needs covered with these worksheets. This unit is all about Easter, with words including: lamb, pastel, cottontail, flourish, bonnet, vernal, blossoms, chocolate, baskets, butterfly, daffodil, bouquet, marshmallow, springtime, hard-boiled, confection, commemorate, equinox, symbolic, delightful, parade, and hyacinth, as well as challenge words chrysanthemum and luscious.

Easter: Spelling Grade 6

Spelling List

What do the words daffodil, blossoms, and hyacinth have in common? They are all related to plants! What about the words lamb and bouquet? They both end in silent consonants. Check out these words and more on this spelling list worksheet.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Explore the 6th grade Easter spelling list by answering a variety of questions about the words. Complete sentences with a spelling word, answer phonics questions, and more!
6th Grade
Carefully read each sentence on this worksheet. Is the word equinox spelled correctly? How about the word chocolate? Use your spelling knowledge to fix any misspelled words!
6th Grade
Can you solve this Easter crossword puzzle by correctly answering all 20 clues?
6th Grade
Can you unscramble the letters on this spelling scramble worksheet? Challenge your students with this mixed-up worksheet!
6th Grade
See if you can find the words chocolate, baskets, marshmallow, and more hidden on this page.
6th Grade
Get your pencils ready to write each Easter spelling word two times on this practice worksheet. This is a great way to practice these spelling words.
6th Grade
Take out your computers or tablets for this Easter activity. See if you can type 12 Easter-themed sentences using this printout.
6th Grade


Butterfly, flourish, cottontail, and vernal are just a few words typed out on these flashcards. Print and cut out these flashcards to see what other Easter-themed words are included.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

See if you can put the words bouquet, blossoms, baskets, butterfly, and bonnet in ABC order. Put 5 groups of Easter-themed words into alphabetical order on this worksheet.
6th Grade
Can you alphabetize all 25 Easter spelling words? Then check your work using the answer key.
6th Grade
Get your scissors ready to cut out 20 Easter words. Then use your glue to put them in ABC order.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

This printout is perfect for a 6th grade Easter-themed spelling test. Complete with a picture of a cute bunny, it is perfect for your students to write all 25 words.
6th Grade
Are you getting ready to give the 6th grade Easter spelling test? Go ahead and print out this sheet, and you will be all set! Simply read each word and sentence aloud to your students.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Catch a glimpse of the rest of our 6th grade spelling series with this full list of all units and words.
6th Grade
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