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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-22

Review the common suffixes -able/-ible, -ful, -less, and -ous with the words adorable, defenseless, divisible, disrespectful, unavailable, numerous, glamorous, eligible, marvelous, relentless, breathless, indestructible, insightful, resourceful, tangible, ridiculous, regardless, admirable, blissful, and reliable. Watch out for more complicated patterns in knowledgeable and instantaneous.
spelling f22 Worksheets

Spelling List

This spelling list includes 20 words and 2 challenge words with the suffixes -able/-ible, -ous, -ful, and -less. See if your students can highlight the suffix in each word.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Which word has the prefix dis- and the suffix -ful? In the word defenseless, the letter e makes how many different sounds? Answer these questions and more on this printable worksheet!
6th Grade
This activity includes 25 sentences with spelling words. Students will find each spelling word and decide if it is spelling correctly or incorrectly.
6th Grade
Can you successfully solve this crossword puzzle? Use the 20 clues to fill in the blank boxes on this fun activity.
6th Grade
This printout includes all 25 spelling words, but the letters are all mixed up! Challenge your students to unscramble each word. This is an engaging way to practice words with different suffixes.
6th Grade
Search for hidden words such as adorable, accommodate, and breathless on this printable activity.
6th Grade
Print out this activity as a quick way for students to practice their spelling words. Kids will practice writing words with different suffixes two times each. This printable worksheet has adequate space for writing all 25 words.
6th Grade
Have your students grab a computer or tablet to complete this engaging activity. Students will type creative sentences using 12 spelling words. This worksheet even includes a rubric for teachers to assess their students' work.
6th Grade


Print and cut these premade flashcards for easy spelling practice. Theses cards are perfect for introducing the spelling words, having students quiz each other, and more!
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Students will put groups of 5 spelling words into ABC order.
6th Grade
Check out this alphabetical order worksheet! Challenge students to put all 25 spelling words in ABC order. Then check their work using the answer key.
6th Grade
Are you looking for an interactive way for students to alphabetize their spelling words? Print out this activity. Students will cut out the words, put them in ABC order, and then glue.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Get ready for this week's spelling test by printing out this test template. This sheet has 20 lines for spelling words, 3 lines for review words, and 2 lines for challenge words.
6th Grade
This printout is perfect to use during your spelling test. It includes all spelling words in a randomized order and sentences to go with each.
6th Grade

Master Lists

This printout has all of our sixth grade spelling words sorted by unit.
6th Grade
See also:
Spelling Unit F-23

The noun-making suffixes -er, -or, and -ar can be found in these words: customer, collaborator, burglar, commuter, admirer, professor, collaborator, and registrar. Learn to spell them and others by following this link.

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

Use this page to jump to whatever unit in the series you might be looking for.

Additional Suffix Review

This webpage has multiple worksheets that provide more practice for these and other suffixes. It also contains several worksheets on common, non-absorbed prefixes.

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