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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-23

The 23rd list in grade 6 series looks at -er, -or, and the rarer -ar as agency-granting suffixes. Full word list: inspector, borrower, commentator, qualifier, adventurer, choreographer, coordinator, burglar, foreigner, admirer, juror, professor, collaborator, broadcaster, contractor, contender, registrar, customer, gladiator, commuter; challenge words benefactor, counterfeiter; review words announcements, attachment, appropriate.
6th Grade Spelling Unit: -er, -or- -ir

Spelling List

In this spelling unit, students will study words with the suffixes -ar, -or, -er. This word list includes an activity where students will underline the suffix in each word and write the definition for each word.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

This printable activity has many different questions exploring this unit's spelling words. Unscramble spelling words, write the spelling words for a given definition, and more.
6th Grade
Is contender spelled correctly on this worksheet? What about collaborator and broadcaster? Find all 25 spelling words and check to see if they are spelled correctly or incorrectly.
6th Grade
Print out this fun crossword puzzle to practice spelling words for this unit. Solve twenty clues to fill in the blanks.
6th Grade
See if your students can decipher all 25 mixed-up words on this printout!
6th Grade
Find hidden words such as announcement, inspector, and customer on this word search activity.
6th Grade
Practice words ending with the suffixes -ar, -er, and -or. Writing each spelling word two times will help students remember spelling patterns for this week's words.
6th Grade
This typing activity is perfect for practicing both typing and spelling skills. Type 12 sentences using 12 given spelling words.
6th Grade


These flashcards can be used in many different ways to practice this week's spelling words.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Practice both your alphabetizing and spelling skills! Rearrange each group of five words in ABC order.
6th Grade
Reorganize all 25 spelling words in alphabetical order on this printout. Pay close attention to words such as commuter and commentator - which one comes first?
6th Grade
Cut out the 20 spelling words on the bottom of this page. Then rearrange the into ABC order and glue them on the top half of the paper.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Print and make copies of this spelling test template for each of your students. Complete with a picture of an inspector and 25 lines for writing each word.
6th Grade
Print out this sheet as a companion to the above spelling test. This sheet is perfect for teachers giving this week's spelling test.
6th Grade

Master Lists

View our full collection of sixth grade spelling lists in one document.
6th Grade
See also:
Spelling Unit F-24

Tourist, earliest, journalist, healthiest, receptionist, busiest, optimist, and prettiest might sound similar, but their suffixes are distinct. Use the worksheets in List 24 to spell them with ease!

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

Every link for grade 6 spelling can be accessed through this page.

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