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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-16

This page links to all resources for Unit F-16. Our activities help students review four common prefixes through the words disproportionate, rehearsal, decontaminate, disembodied, discontinued, misguided, disinfectant, misdiagnosed, decompose, deodorant, regenerative, renovation, decipher, misconduct, mistreatment, misstep, reencounter, redistribute, descent, dissimilar, discombobulate, and misdemeanor.
spelling f16 Worksheets

Spelling List

The prefixes de-, dis-, and mis- all offer some form of negation, while re- suggests repetition. Can you sort this word list based on which prefix is used?
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Ask students to consider short vowel sounds, long vowels sounds, r-controlled vowels, syllabication, and more in order to finish this worksheet's 25 questions.
6th Grade
Only nine of these sentences contain no spelling errors. It's your job to identify the spelling word used in each, then correct any mistakes on the line.
6th Grade
Print this crossword puzzle on the front of a sheet and the paired word bank on the back. Students will love figuring out the hints and filling it it.
6th Grade
Do you know which of this week's words is represented with the jumbled letters "simpets"? If you can figure that one out, then this activity should be a piece of cake - just like the ones in corner graphic!
6th Grade
Only three out of twenty-five words are hidden diagonally in this crossword. Can you figure out which ones they are?
6th Grade
Rewriting so many negating- and repeating-prefix words multiple times doesn't need to be discouraging! (And, no, "discouraging" and "rewriting" aren't two of them!)
6th Grade
Find out what sort of sentences students can come up with using words like discontinued, decipher, and renovation. Criteria for grading is included on page 2.
6th Grade


There's nothing like a bright set of flash cards when review time rolls around. Each card has one spelling word printed on it, with challenge and review words clearly marked.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Looking for an intermediate alphabetizing activity? Look no further than this link to a worksheet with 5 subsets of 5 random-order words.
6th Grade
With review and challenge words added to the mix, the new ABC order of the words starts with airborne. Use the word list file for reference while completing this sheet.
6th Grade
If you have a learner who does best with hands-on activities, click this link and print out the cut-and-paste alphabetizing worksheet.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Print up a copy of this test sheet for every student. Maybe even reward them for successful completion of the 16th spelling unit with a treat like the kids in the picture!
6th Grade
These twenty-five read-aloud sentences use the spelling words in context. Order is randomized, with review words and challenge words in their own sections.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Click here for an easy-to-navigate list of all 37 of our 6th grade spelling units.
6th Grade
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Spelling Unit F-17

Words in the 17th list begin with one of 3 similar-sounding prefixes: pre-, per-, or pro-. Master the differences between persuade, promotion, preparations, prologue, provoke, permanent, prevention, perceptive, and more with these fun, helpful activities.

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

All of the Sixth Grade Spelling Series can be accessed through this page.

Additional Prefix Review

This page contains a few additional worksheets to help students review these and other common prefixes. It also contains worksheets on common suffixes.

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