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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-17

Words in Unit 17 use one of these prefixes: per-, pre-, pro-. Their sound and meanings are similar, but don’t get them confused! Practice 3 review words and 22 new ones: perspire, propeller, procrastinate, profound, provoke, prophecy, permanent, impermeable, prescribed, promotion, progression, persuade, prevention, preparations, perforated, prologue, precede, precision, perceptive, proactive, prohibit, proficiency.
spelling f17 Worksheets

Spelling List

All 20 regular spelling words this week start with the same letter, and so do one review and one challenge word. Don't mix up their visually similar prefixes.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

This activity has multiple subsections: fill in the missing letters to complete the word, fill in the missing word to complete the sentence, match a word to its definition, and various questions about phonetics and word features!
6th Grade
This editing file requires students to know which prefix is used in each word, not just whether the prefix is spelled correctly. Watch out for errors in other parts of the words too.
6th Grade
Watch students quiet down and get to work solving this enjoyable puzzle that asks them to complete sentences, match definitions, and identify antonyms.
6th Grade
Even if you know the first letter of most of these scrambled words, be extra careful while deciphering the second and third letters!
6th Grade
You'll have to be pretty "perceptive" to find that and other words hidden in this puzzle.
6th Grade
Spice up word-writing practice by using this template. Each word has plenty of space to be neatly copied twice, as well as a memorable picture in the upper right corner.
6th Grade
Don't underestimate the importance of typing skills! Students get to practice a valuable skill while reinforcing the correct spelling and usage of 12 words they're most likely to come across in everyday life.
6th Grade


Use this complete set of word cards during independent, paired, or even group review time. Print on heavier stock and/or laminate for extra durability.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

With the exception of three of the bonus words, students can skip right to the second, third, or even fourth letter when alphabetizing most of the words on these truncated lists.
6th Grade
Have the full word list from the start of the unit on hand. This PDF file contains a sheet with 25 blank lines for students to write their words, as well as the answer key. (No-answer-key version also available!)
6th Grade
Especially for words with such similar beginnings, the manual component of this ABC-order activity might be helpful for 6th grade spellers.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

By the time students reach this test, spelling all twenty-five words should be a no-sweat task - unlike the child in the graphic!
6th Grade
Since this week's prefixes have similar-sounding parts, emphasizing meaning with words in context will be useful on test day. This file has one sentence for each word.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Check out our full set of sixth grade spelling units. We have 30 main word lists, 4 holiday lists, and 3 themed lists. They're all included in this file.
6th Grade
See also:
Spelling Unit F-18

Ir-, im-, and il- are all alternate spellings of the prefix in-, meaning not. Click here to practice this common absorbed prefix in our next unit with List 18. Word examples include innocent, immobilize, illegitimate, irregular, improper, individual, immature, irrelevant, and illegible.

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

This link has the complete list of all units in the series for easy navigation.

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