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Circles: Radius, Diameter, Circumference, Area

Print out these worksheets on circles.  Practice naming circles and calculating circumference, radius, diameter, and area of a circle.

Radius, Diameter, Area, and Circumference of Circles Worksheets

Circumference and Area (Intermediate)

The diameter of each circle is shown.  Students must calculate the circumference, or the distance around the circle.
6th through 8th Grades
Common Core
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Multiple Versions Available
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The radius of each circle is drawn. Pupils must figure out the distance around the edge of the circle, or circumference.
6th through 8th Grades
Each circle picture shows a radius or diameter.  Students must use this information to figure out the circumference.
6th through 8th Grades
Students measure various circular objects and divide the circumference by the diameter to get pi.
7th and 8th Grades
Students answer the short answer questions about circles, circumference, and pi.
6th through 8th Grades
A radius is drawn on each circle shape.  Find the area of the circle.
6th through 8th Grades
Either the diameter or the radius is shown on each shape. Calculate the area for each.
6th through 8th Grades
Use the formula pi-r-squared to calculate the area of each circle.
6th through 8th Grades
Determine the area of each circle. Includes a sample problem at the top.
6th through 8th Grades
When your students sing the pi song, they'll never forget how to calculate the circumference and area of a circle.
6th through 8th Grades
Each task card has an area problem for students to solve. Use these for peer practice sessions, small group instruction, or on your document camera.
6th through 8th Grades

Radius and Diameter (Basic)

Find the radius and diameter of these circles.
6th through 8th Grades
Can you name the diameter and diameter of each of these circles?
6th and 7th Grades
Find the diameter and radius of  each circle.  Also, figure out which circles are the largest, which are the smallest, and which are the same size.
6th through 8th Grades
Determine the diameter, radius, and circumference of each of these circles.
6th through 8th Grades

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Radius and Diameter of Circles

Circle Worksheets (Radius and Diameter)

Radius and Diameter Printables

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