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Fix the Sentences: Level E (Grade 5)

These daily worksheets help reinforce 5th grade proofreading skills. Students read through each sentence and look for mistakes. They then rewrite each sentence correctly.

fix the sentences e Worksheets
With these daily worksheets, students can practice their grammar and proofreading skills. The sentences include mistakes such as common misspellings (ex. your and you're), punctuation, and subject-verb agreement.
5th Grade
Common Core
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These worksheets reinforce ELA skills by having students correct grammatical errors in sentences.
5th Grade
By correcting the mistakes in these sentences, students are practicing their proofreading and editing skills. Errors include spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
5th Grade
This next set of Fix the Sentences worksheets will encourage students to continue to perfect their proofreading skills.
5th Grade
Work on fixing grammar, spelling, and other writing mistakes with these next five worksheets.
5th Grade
Fix the spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors you find in these daily worksheets!
5th Grade
Find the mistakes in these sentences and rewrite the sentences correctly.
5th Grade
Correct the spelling, punctuation, and other grammar mistakes in each of the sentences.
5th Grade
Read through each sentence and find the mistakes. Then rewrite the sentences correctly.
5th Grade
Spot the errors in these sentences and correct them. Potential errors may include spelling, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, and capitalization.
5th Grade
Your fifth graders can practice their proofreading skills with these Fix the Sentences worksheets.
5th Grade
Find and fix the mistakes in these sentences.
5th Grade
Correct and rewrite these sentences to practice proofreading skills.
5th Grade
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This link brings you to the main page of our Fix the Sentences series, which includes links to each grade level.

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