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4th Grade Common Core: 4.NF.1

Common Core Identifier: 4.NF.1 / Grade: 4
Curriculum: Number And Operations - Fractions: Extend Understanding Of Fraction Equivalence And Ordering.
Detail: Explain why a fraction a/b is equivalent to a fraction (n x a)/(n x b) by using visual fraction models, with attention to how the number and size of the parts differ even though the two fractions themselves are the same size. Use this principle to recognize and generate equivalent fractions.
21 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned worksheets found:
Simplify each fraction on the worksheet. Then color according to the key.
Common Core
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Reduce (simplify) each fraction into its lowest terms.
Another worksheet on simplifying or reducing  fractions.
Show students what the Louisiana flag looks like with this full-color PDF.
Multiply a fraction by a whole number, use illustrations to practice division with remainders, review place value, find an equivalent fraction, and review area & perimeter.
This is a set of 30 task cards on simplifying fractions. They work great for learning centers, small group instruction, classroom scavenger hunts, peer tutoring sessions, and class games.
This worksheet has 5 parts. First, reduce fractions into simplest form. Then circle the fractions that are in simplest form. After that, answer two word problems. Then tell whether each equation is true or false.
Multiply 3-digit by 1-digit numbers, add fractions with like denominators, draw line segments, and solve an area word problem.
On this chart, students sort into groups of: fractions in simplest form and fractions not in simplest form.
Review number patterns, pounds to ounces conversions, angle types, fractions on a number line, division with remainders, and equivalent fractions.
Simplify each fraction in this image. Then color the corresponding section according to the answer. Students will reveal a ladybug image as the completed math mystery picture.
Within this set you'll find a variety of word problems, geometry, place value up to 7 places, fractions, advanced addition and subtraction.
On these math daily review worksheets, students will review several concepts from last year, including: place value, calculating area, comparing 6-digit numbers, properties of multiplication, and equivalent fractions.
Each of these word problems has a fraction answer that needs to be reduced, and written in simplest form.
Students will solve word problems, find perimeter, standard and expanded form, geometry, fractions on number lines, comparing numbers, and more.
Use the information in the summer camp pie graph to answer the questions. Requires knowledge of fractions.
(Approx. grade levels 2-4)
Pie graph shows the various methods of transportation students used to get to school; Requires basic understanding of fractions
Use the data from the table to make a sports circle graph.
This worksheet has a pie graph titled, Favorite Seasons. Use the graph to answer the questions. Requires basic knowledge of percentages.
(Approx. grade levels 3-5)
This bookmark shows equivalent fractions, in order, from least to greatest.
Pie graph shows how Contessa spends her money; Requires knowledge of percentages and fractions
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