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Provinces: Quebec

Below you will find a selection of worksheets, map activities, puzzles, and colorable flags for teaching students about the Canadian Province of Quebec.

Province of Quebec Worksheets


Print out this black and white map of Quebec for your students.
1st through 6th Grades
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Use this full-colour map of Quebec in your classroom.
1st through 6th Grades

Flag and Coat of Arms

Students can use a blue crayon or marker to colour in this Quebec flag picture.
1st through 8th Grades
This file contains a full colour illustration of the Quebec flag.
1st through 8th Grades
Use crayons to colour in this black-and-white outline of the province's coat of arms.
2nd through 8th Grades
This is a poster with a full-colour picture of the coat of arms.
2nd through 8th Grades
Download and print this full-colour poster of Quebec's escutcheon.
2nd through 8th Grades
Download and print this full-colour poster of Quebec's escutcheon.
2nd through 8th Grades

Reading Comprehension

The Notre Dame Mountains are part of the much larger Appalachian range. Just don’t confuse them with the term “Appalachia,” which means something very different! Learn what by reading more.
4th Grade


Unscramble these puzzles to find key facts about Quebec, such as the capital, largest city, and official language.
2nd through 5th Grades
Find all the words from the word bank in this puzzle. Terms include cities, landmarks, and other things related to the province of Quebec, such as Montreal, Saguenay Fjord, snowy owl, and yellow birch.
2nd through 5th Grades

Penelope Peabody: Lost in Canada

Penelope Peabody has been driving through Canada, but she keeps getting lost. Can your students help her figure out which Canadian province she's visiting this time? In this edition of her story, Peabody says she's been driving along the Saint Lawrence River and is headed toward Chute Montmorency, a waterfall that’s even higher than Niagara Falls!
4th through 6th Grades
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Quebec Printable Worksheet

Printable Map of Quebec

Quebec Printable

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