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Word Family Unit (-ing Words)

The -ing word family includes the words: string, ring, king, thing, spring, wing, swing, bring, and sing. Below you'll find a word wheel, word slider, flashcards, a tracing worksheet, and more.

Word Family Worksheets -ing


Color "-ing" with crayons and color the shapes that contain -ing words. Write the -ing words that match the pictures on the lines and then fill in the tall/short boxes with the words that fit.
1st Grade
Common Core
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Print out this worksheet so your students can practice reading and writing -ing words.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Use scissors to cut out the word boxes along the dotted lines. Glue them to the boxes below the illustrations that match the word.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Look at each of the pictures and write in the missing letter for the word. After, write the word on the lines below.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Determine what the missing first letters for each word are by looking at the picture and then write the word on the lines below.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Use these word cards to build sentences. Make sure to include an "-ing" word in each one. Write your sentences on the lines provided with the worksheet.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
Shade the circles with correct letters to form the -ing word matching the illustrations. Then write the word on the primary-ruled lines to the right.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Each row of jumbled letters has a picture. Find the -ing word in each group and circle it.
1st Grade
Print out this graphic organizer to write in six different words that end with -ing. Use the illustrations of a king, a ring, and a bird's wing as hints.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Use a pencil to trace the words along the dotted lines. Next, write the words on the primary-ruled lines and color the pictures.
1st Grade
Write down as many words that end with -ing on the lines as you can think of and compare with the rest of the class to see if anyone got different words.
1st Grade
Use an ink pad and letter stampers to make the following words: wing, bring, sing, thing, and ring.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Word Games

Print and cut out the cards. Flip all of the cards face-down and have a pair of students take turns flipping the cards to make a match.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Put together this printable word spinner to play games and activities featuring the words: spring, sing, ring, thing, wing, bring, swing, and string.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Word Slider, Flashcards, and Word Wheel

This cute, penguin-shaped slider is a fun way for your students to practice reading words in the -ing family. Cut along the dotted lines and then slide the strip into the penguin to read all of the words in this unit. Click the ALT button for a full color version.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
The -ing word family has 9 different words to practice with these print-and-cut flashcards.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Print the word wheel onto card stock paper. Use a brass paper fastener to attach the two sheets of paper. Spin the wheel to practice reading the words in the -ing family.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade

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