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We add new Spanish versions of our printable worksheets, games, and teaching tools all the time! This page highlights some of our most recent Spanish translations.

Students can cut out these numbers and use the pieces to make a reverse number line from 20 to 1.
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This worksheet helps reinforce both doubles and doubles + 1 math skills. Includes both vertical and horizontal problems.
Students use the domino images to write out equations and add the doubles.
Draw a picture to solve each of these four word problems. Then write a number sentence for each.
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Use the number block models to help find the answers to the basic addition facts.
Solve each word problem with an addition doubles fact.
Weave the math fact strip into the pirate ship. Slide it up and down to reveal doubles facts. (For best results, print on thick card stock paper.)
Slide the facts through the airplane and say the answers. (Recommendation: Print on card stock for best results.)
Use the illustrations of red and white math counters to solve the basic doubles +1 addition facts.
Read each addition story. Use a doubles +1 fact to solve.
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Write the answers to basic addition facts.
Then sort them into two categories on the t-chart: doubles or doubles +1.
On this worksheet, number blocks are used as models for basic doubles +1 addition facts.
Work on improving speed and accuracy with this addition doubles drill worksheet. Features illustrations of children wearing animal masks.
Quickly and accurately solve the addition basic facts. All facts are doubles, from 0+0 up through 10+10. Features illustrations of children playing soccer.
Write the answer to each basic addition fact (doubles). Then use the color key at the bottom to complete the picture.
Write the answers to the addition facts (doubles, up to 10+10). Then color according to the key. The finished picture is a whale.
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Use red and white counters to find the answers to the doubles facts.
Using markers, pencils, or crayons, color in this black-and-white image of an Easter basket.
This image shows a chick sitting on top of an Easter egg. Make it your own by coloring it in.
This black-and-white coloring page features an Easter bunny wearing a bow and holding an Easter egg.
Students can use the solutions to these equations to unscramble an adorable Easter picture.
By solving these 3-digit by 1-digit multiplication problems, students can unscramble a fun Easter picture.
¿Habla español?
Many of our worksheets have been translated into Spanish! Click the Super Teacher Worksheets Languages Icon button below worksheet descriptions to view our Spanish translations.
The answers to these subtraction problems are the key to unscrambling this mystery picture! Solve the equations, and then cut and clue the pictures onto the squares with the corresponding answers.
This coloring page shows a bunny sitting on an Easter basket juggling four eggs.
This Easter bunny's balloons have pulled her off the ground and into flight! Use your favorite shades to color in this exciting scene.
This coloring page shows two bunnies carrying big Easter eggs.
This coloring page shows three happy Easter lambs playing in a field with flowers and butterflies.
Color in this image of a rabbit hard at work painting Easter eggs.
This coloring page shows an Easter bunny hiding decorated eggs for an Easter egg hunt.
This coloring page shows a bunny giving an Easter egg to a young boy.
Students can use their favorite colors to shade in these happy Easter bunnies.
Color in this illustration of two children searching for Easter eggs.
Color these Easter flowers to make a lovely decoration.
This activity features two decorated eggs and flowers to color in.
This picture shows an adorable Easter chick hatching from an egg.
Color a picture of a train. Then cut and glue the words to make a sentence that has to do with The Polar Express. Write the sentence too!
Students can color and cut out cards with pictures of key terms from The Polar Express. Then they can attach them to the page to make a reading flip book.
Follow the instructions to color, cut, and glue this rainbow. Number flaps at the bottom help reinforce the understanding of addends used to make sums of 10.
Color in a rainbow and use the numbers on it to solve the missing addend problems.
With this worksheet, students can practice making 10 by cutting and gluing addends into the appropriate blank space in the math problem.
Write the missing addends in the blank spaces to make sums of 10. Includes illustrations of cats that students can color in.
Students fill in the missing addends to make sums of 10. Features illustrations of food that can be colored in.
Put 10 two-color counters in a cup and shake. Pour the counters on the table. Show the addition equation that has 10 as a sum.
This file has 31 flash cards for practicing doubles facts and doubles plus 1 facts. There's also a sorting mat on the last page.
Use these flash cards to practice adding doubles up to 10.
This file contains flashcards for reviewing basic addition facts with sums to 10. There are 9 cards per page. The final page has a sorting mat.
This is a set of flashcards up to 10 + 10. This set has 9 cards per page.
Students find the missing addend for each flash card.
These two addition problems have been solved incorrectly. Can you find the errors? Tell how each problem could be solved correctly.
Complete the missing number for each number bond (number family).
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