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We add new Spanish versions of our printable worksheets, games, and teaching tools all the time! This page highlights some of our most recent Spanish translations.

Match real coins to the values shown on the worksheet. Place real pennies, nickels, and dimes on mat, in the correct positions.
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Write the name of each coin. (There's a word bank at the top to help with spelling.) Also write the value of each coin.
Write the name of each coin. Use the word bank to help. Then write the value of each coin.
Place real coins over the values on the piggy bank. (example: Place a quarter over 25ยข.)
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Cut out the money cards. Match coin pictures with names and values (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters). Then place real coins next to each set.
Cut out the cards. Match coin pictures with names and values. Place real coins by each set.
Students look carefully at the picture. They count and tell how many pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters they see.
Cut out the pictures and values for the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and Sacagawea dollar coins. Glue each item next to the coin name.
Cut out the values and coins. Use a glue stick to attach each next to the name of the coin.
Cut out the coins and values. Paste each next to the name of the coin.
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This file has 10 challenging perimeter word problems. There's one problem per page and lots of space for students to show their work.
This is the final week of 4th grade Math Buzz worksheets. If you've made it this far - congratulations! You've reached the end. In this set, students answer questions related to operations with fractions and mixed numbers, classifying quadrilaterals, multiplying fractions by whole numbers, and word problems with decimal operations.
Add and subtract mixed numbers. Answer questions related to area and perimeter. Name the polygons. Multiply whole numbers by fractions. Compare decimals.
Convert between feet, yards, and inches. Write improper fractions and mixed numbers on a number line. Review decimals and fractions. Solve a word problem related to elapsed time and angles. Find area and perimeter. Determine the missing addend in fraction addition problems.
Learn about decimal place value, as well as decimal-fraction relationships. Solve long division problems with 3-digit dividends and 1-digit divisors. Shade models to represent mixed numbers. Add angles. Multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers using the standard algorithm.
This set begins with a place value word problem. There are also questions related to operations with fractions, converting and comparing feet to inches, finding equivalent fractions, area models, and division with 3-digit dividends.
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Use fraction models to write equations, complete a long division problem, measure with a protractor, convert from meters to kilometers, calculate elapsed time on a number line, and create a line plot.
Practice multi-digit multiplication, number patterns, triangle classifications, measuring angles with a protractor, and line plots.
This file contains 5 worksheets, with one word problem on each page. There are 3 multi-step problems and 2 one-step problems.
(Click the 'Alt' button below if you prefer color poster versions of these problems.)
Here's a large number line (-20 to 20) that you can cut out and hang on the wall of your classroom.
This worksheet has questions and problems related to perfect squares and square roots of whole numbers.
This file contains 30 task cards with square root and squared number questions.
¿Habla español?
Many of our worksheets have been translated into Spanish! Click the Super Teacher Worksheets Languages Icon button below worksheet descriptions to view our Spanish translations.
Answer a series of higher-order thinking questions related to squares and square roots.
Read & interpret data on a line plot. Use a model to solve 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication problems. Convert miles to feet and days to weeks. Add fractions with like denominators.
Challenge your 4th graders to solve math problems related to: multi-step word problems, decomposing fractions, prime and composite numbers, seconds to minutes conversions, and geometry.
Answer questions related to right angles, perpendicular lines, value of underlined digits, ordering fractions, multi-step word problems, and types of angles.
Review number patterns, pounds to ounces conversions, angle types, fractions on a number line, division with remainders, and equivalent fractions.
Cut out the square-shaped number cards at the bottom of the page. Glue each number next to the equivalent in scientific notation. Basic level: whole numbers only.
Roll two dice and make a 2-digit number. Then write the number in expanded form. After that, draw a sketch of place value blocks that make the number.
Roll three dice to make a number. Then write the number in expanded form, and make a sketch of the place value blocks.
Frankenstein  Free 
This is a silly picture of Frankenstein's monster walking around the laboratory.
This file has a picture of a family decorating their Christmas tree. A father is lifting one of his children to put the star on top of the tree.
Color in this picture of an elf toy maker from the North Pole.
Color this picture of a female elf from the North Pole.
On these worksheets, students will practice the following skills: classify angles (acute/obtuse/right), lines of symmetry, multiplying multi-digit numbers by a single digit, and division word problems.
This file contains the next 5 days of 4th grade math review. Problems assess the following skills: number patterns, fractions on a number line, 3-digit by 1-digit multiplication, prime/composite numbers, inches to feet conversions, and more.
Write fractions on a number line. Multiply whole numbers by fractions. Decompose a rectangle to find equivalent fractions. Find quotients with remainders.
Of course we wouldn't have a gingerbread boy without a gingerbread girl. Color this sweet little Christmas cookie.
This adorable gingerbread boy looks good enough to eat. Decorate him with colors to make him look like he's fresh from the oven.
Two friends are strolling down the sidewalk with their candy pails on Halloween night.
This kid is wrapped up in mummy bandages! Use a rainbow of colors to decorate the picture.
Evaluate the expressions. Find the values of the exponents with decimal bases.
This file contains 30 task cards with exponent problems on them.
Find the sums, differences, and missing addends.
This ancient vampire is approaching his haunted mansion.
Multiply a fraction by a whole number, use illustrations to practice division with remainders, review place value, find an equivalent fraction, and review area & perimeter.
Multiply 3-digit by 1-digit numbers, add fractions with like denominators, draw line segments, and solve an area word problem.
In this set, we have more word problems, symmetry challenges, comparing fractions, part-part-whole models, acute/right/obtuse angle identification, factor pairs, and a line plot.
Read and write mixed numbers, practice reading a line plot, add & multiply fractions, and follow patterns for division.
Use mental math to add 10 to each 2-digit number shown. Then compare the sums using the symbols <, >, and =.
example: 22 + 10 < 10 + 28
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