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New Spanish Translations on STW

We add new Spanish versions of our printable worksheets, games, and teaching tools all the time! This page highlights some of our most recent Spanish translations.

Here's a large number line (-20 to 20) that you can cut out and hang on the wall of your classroom.
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This worksheet has questions and problems related to perfect squares and square roots of whole numbers.
This file contains 30 task cards with square root and squared number questions.
Answer a series of higher-order thinking questions related to squares and square roots.
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Cut out the square-shaped number cards at the bottom of the page. Glue each number next to the equivalent in scientific notation. Basic level: whole numbers only.
Roll two dice and make a 2-digit number. Then write the number in expanded form. After that, draw a sketch of place value blocks that make the number.
Roll three dice to make a number. Then write the number in expanded form, and make a sketch of the place value blocks.
Frankenstein  Free 
This is a silly picture of Frankenstein's monster walking around the laboratory.
This file has a picture of a family decorating their Christmas tree. A father is lifting one of his children to put the star on top of the tree.
Color in this picture of an elf toy maker from the North Pole.
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Color this picture of a female elf from the North Pole.
Of course we wouldn't have a gingerbread boy without a gingerbread girl. Color this sweet little Christmas cookie.
This adorable gingerbread boy looks good enough to eat. Decorate him with colors to make him look like he's fresh from the oven.
Two friends are strolling down the sidewalk with their candy pails on Halloween night.
This kid is wrapped up in mummy bandages! Use a rainbow of colors to decorate the picture.
Evaluate the expressions. Find the values of the exponents with decimal bases.
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This file contains 30 task cards with exponent problems on them.
Find the sums, differences, and missing addends.
This ancient vampire is approaching his haunted mansion.
Use mental math to add 10 to each 2-digit number shown. Then compare the sums using the symbols <, >, and =.
example: 22 + 10 < 10 + 28
Compare addition problems with multiples of 10.
example: 34 + 30 < 43 + 20
On each of these 30 task cards, students will use graphical models or partial hundred tables to help them find the answers.
(examples: 46-20=26 and 73-30=43)
¿Habla español?
Many of our worksheets have been translated into Spanish! Click the Super Teacher Worksheets Languages Icon button below worksheet descriptions to view our Spanish translations.
This is a basic drill worksheet with 26 horizontal and vertical problems on it, including two "challenges" at the end.
Use mental math to find the differences. All problems are horizontal on this worksheet. Also includes two word problems at the end.
Use a partial hundreds charts to subtract multiples of 10 from double-digit numbers.
(examples: 56-30=26 and 98-20=78)
Each of these 30 task cards has a picture model with place value blocks or a partial hundreds chart.
Here are 8 horizontal subtraction problems and 2 word problems. This worksheet has graphics with a zookeeper and seal theme.
This page has 18 horizontal and 8 vertical problems for students to solve.
Use the partial hundreds charts to subtract 10 from 2-digit numbers.
In this illustration, a young girl is flying a rainbow kite.
Arco iris  Free 
Use red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple/violet, and indigo to finish this rainbow.
Use a rainbow of crayons to decorate this hot air balloon picture.
Polly is a colorful, tropical bird who loves to eat crackers.
Color, cut, and staple together this easy-to-read miniature book.
These task cards have group discussion questions. Students choose a card and take turns answering the questions. (examples: Of all the books you've read this year, which one was your favorite? What was your favorite subject in school this year, and why? Who did you sit with in the lunch room this school year, and why did you enjoy being with them?)
Your class can use crayons and markers to color in this picture of blooming flowers.
This printable coloring page is of a dinosaur. This illustration is very basic and perfect for younger students.
Your students can color this picture of a fierce lion. Roar!
This printable coloring page features a sailboat.
Students will love using crayons or markers to color in this picture of a mermaid.
Solve to find the x- and y-intercepts. There are 6 problems to complete on this double-sided worksheet.
For each problem, students will define the slope and y-intercept. Then they graph a line to show the equation.
Solve to find the x-intercept and y-intercept for each equation. Then plot both points and draw a line to graph the equations.
Color the shapes that are divided into thirds and draw an "X" over the shapes that are not divided into thirds.
Add multiples of 10 to 2-digit numbers. There are 18 horizontal and 8 vertical problems.
(example: 54+30=84)
Part 1: Examine the models to figure out each pair of equivalent fractions. Part 2: Shade the correct portion of each polygon to show an equivalent fraction. Includes only denominators 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8.
Use the illustrations/models to find equivalent fractions. All fractions on this sheet have denominators of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8.
It's time to see the seal! Can you help the zookeeper find the seal? This is a repetitive, easy-to-read miniature book that students can cut, staple, and color.
Mariposa  Free 
Color this beautiful butterfly with a rainbow of colors. You may want to encourage students to think about symmetry when decorating this picture.
Here's an illustration of a soft, huggable stuffed bear.
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