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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-4

List 4 in our 6th grade spelling series is all about silent letters. Use this collection of worksheets and activities to learn to spell the following tricky words: pterodactyl, cologne, fascinating, thistle, unbeknownst, resuscitate, league, asthma, scenario, numbing, solemn, rogue, wriggle, gnarled, jostled, bristling, limbs, piranha, debt, and depot. Practice makes perfect with these silent consonants and ending vowels!
6th Grade Spelling Unit - Silent Letters

Spelling List

Learn your new words and review words using this complete list. The worksheet includes an activity to draw attention to those pesky consonants and vowels that don't make sounds of their own!
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Students can familiarize themselves with their spelling words using this fun variety worksheet. Answer phonetic questions, fill in the blanks, unscramble words, and more!
6th Grade
Are the silent letters missing from these words? If they're present, are they in the right spot? Is the rest of the word spelled correctly? Eagle-eyed students must answer all these questions to complete this engaging activity!
6th Grade
10 words are hidden across and the other half are hidden down in this fun and challenging crossword. You need to know both meaning and spelling to finish the puzzle!
6th Grade
To successfully decipher all twenty-five of your jumbled words this week, you'll have to know where the silent consonants and vowels are!
6th Grade
Regular, review, and even challenge words crisscross each other in this puzzle. How long will it take your students to locate them all?
6th Grade
One of the best ways to master tricky silent letters is through spelling repetition. Students can use this sheet to write each word two times.
6th Grade
Using a device like a tablet or computer, students will create original sentences for 12 of this week's spelling words.
6th Grade


Students can quiz themselves and others using this handy set of flash cards. All 25 words are included in this printout.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Make arranging words in ABC order a fun and straightforward task using this printable worksheet. The complete list of words has been split into neat groups of 5.
6th Grade
Be careful not to make an alphabetizing mistake while writing all of this week's words on the blank lines. Challenge and review words are included!
6th Grade
Want a hands-on activity to help your students with spelling? Ask them to cut out the main list of 20 words, sort them alphabetically from asthma to wriggle, and then glue them in place on the numbered template.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Your students will love taking their silent letters spelling test using this printable sheet that features a smiling pterodactyl.
6th Grade
Use words in context to enhance your students' spelling test experience. This sheet includes a full sentence for each word.
6th Grade

Master Lists

View all of our sixth grade spelling words in one place with this printable file. It contains all 30 of our main units, plus our holiday and theme units.
6th Grade
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Spelling Unit F-5

Up next is a list to help you tackle words that use various spelling patterns to represent the /s/ and /z/ sounds. License, dissolve, blizzard, citizen, sympathize, service, societies, and trousers are just some of the words that students will master.

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

This page provides quick links to all of the spellings lists in the series.

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