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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-30

Finish the main 30 lists of our grade 6 spelling series by examining Greek and Latin word parts with identical or similar meanings. Spell and group these 20 words based on shared meaning: binoculars, monogram, audiovisual, periscope, monopoly, multitude, multicultural, evidence, aquatic, bilingual, dehydration, suspicion, phonetically, reunion, inaudible, speculate, duplicate, universal, dialogue, and polytheistic.
Spelling List - Grade 6

Spelling List

Why does English use two different word parts - poly and multi - to mean many? It's because we adopted them from different languages! Meaning and spelling are intricately linked in this week's words.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Complete the sentences using words from a bank, find synonyms, match definitions, and answer questions about syllabication and vowel sounds in order to finish this 2-page worksheet.
6th Grade
Eagle-eyed editors should start their proofreading by checking the spellings of the Greek and Latin parts of the spelling words in these short sentences, but don't neglect other word features too!
6th Grade
The regular 20 spelling words have been fit into a puzzle with an equal number of vertical and horizontal clues. Print the first two pages of the file double sided for a built-in word bank.
6th Grade
Rearrange the letters of these jumbled words until the whole list of 25 is spelled correctly once again.
6th Grade
Can you find the only word in the whole puzzle that doesn't share a letter with another word?
6th Grade
Bi, di, and du all mean two, which is how many times this worksheet asks students to handwrite their spelling words.
6th Grade
Hammer home the importance of spelling words in everyday contexts using this activity. It also reinforces typing skills as a bonus!
6th Grade


Consider printing a copy for each student. They can cut out the cards themselves and use them for practice in school and at home.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Looking for a quick alphabetizing worksheet that any student can handle? Click the link above.
6th Grade
This template has spacious blank lines numbered 1 through 25. It's the student's job to fill them in with the List 30 words in ABC order.
6th Grade
You might want to make neatness count for this hands-on alphabetical order activity. Cut the 20 main words out and then glue them in the correct numbered box.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Wrap up the 6th grade spelling series using this template on test day.
6th Grade
Every word in this file is presented both in isolation and in a sentence. Just print it out and read aloud when it's test time.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Take a look at our full list of 6th grade spelling words.
6th Grade
See also:
6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

Use this handy link for an overview of the complete grade 6 spelling series, with links to each regular, theme, and holiday unit.

Greek & Latin Word Parts

Explore additional word parts and print out handy reference charts using this page.

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