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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-29

STW's 29th spelling unit explores a number of Greek roots. Spelling and meaning go hand-in-hand with these regular and challenge words: psychic, psyched, telepathy, psychiatrist, cinematography, psychology, concentrate, diagram, teleprompter, mythology, telegrams, calligraphy, epicenter, programmer, apathetic, biology, eccentric, empathize, anagram, autograph, graphite, and central.
spelling f29 Worksheets

Spelling List

Look for tele, logy, path, psych, centr, or gram/graph in each word in this unit. Some words even use more than one root.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Quiz yourself on big picture word elements like prefix and whole-word meanings, as well as small picture elements like long and short vowel sounds.
6th Grade
Bust out your proofreader's hat and start reading carefully, because spotting correct spellings of Greek roots can be just as tricky as spotting incorrect spellings.
6th Grade
Which spelling word is built from two different Greek roots that, when put together, mean feeling at a distance? Use that and other clues to solve this puzzle.
6th Grade
Tricky roots and suffixes might make this worksheet more of a challenge than usual. Make sure you spell each word correctly after you've unscrambled it.
6th Grade
There are many false roots and prefixes mixed in around the actual hidden words in this word search puzzle, so don't be led astray!
6th Grade
Practice writing words like psychic until it's second nature to start with a p and use ch instead of a k or just a c.
6th Grade
This activity and scoring rubric use 12 words you're likely to see or hear in everyday contexts. It can also be adapted as a handwritten activity.
6th Grade


What's handier for test prep than a set of flash cards? Print this great review-time resource on card stock and laminate for added longevity.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Two separate five-word groups contain words that all start with the same letter - but not all of them start with the same root. Alphabetize carefully!
6th Grade
Click here for the ultimate alphabetizing challenge: all twenty-five words at once! Words not included, so make sure to reference the separate word list file.
6th Grade
Students can take their time organizing twenty words in the correct ABC order before breaking out the glue or tape.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

The pyschic in the upper corner of this test paper foresees excellent grades for students who've practiced their spelling words using the activities and puzzles on this page!
6th Grade
Click here for a random-order list of spelling words paired with complete sentences. Review and challenge sections are also randomized.
6th Grade

Master Lists

This printable file makes it easy to reference all of our sixth grade spelling words in one place.
6th Grade
See also:
Spelling Unit F-30

The 30th list in the series examines Greek and Latin roots and affixes that mean the same thing. Find the similar-meaning parts in words like universe and monogram; dialogue, bilingual, and duplicate; monopoly and multitude; speculate, periscope, evidence, and suspicion; audiovisual and phonetically; and more!

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

The complete index of links on this page allows easy access to any unit or worksheet in the grade 6 series.

Greek & Latin Word Parts

Looking for more practice in Greek roots? This page has printable tables with common roots and their meanings, as well as various types of fun review worksheets.

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