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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-28

Many English words contain Latin roots, and List 28 focuses on several. Can you sort and spell these 22 sixth-grade spelling words based on shared roots? Conversation, versatile, injection, ejected, subscription, controversial, describe, vertex, traction, subjective, extracted, retractable, irreversible, interject, extrovert, inverted, postscript, inscribed, transcribe, detract, manuscript, attractive.
spelling f28 Worksheets

Spelling List

Ready to start the next unit? Click here for a list of words that use these common Latin roots: tract, ject, scrib/script, and vers/vert.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Many of this week's words would fit on previous spelling lists too, since some use absorbed prefixes and other common affixes. Put your knowledge to the test by answering these questions about them.
6th Grade
The word conversation has a tricky, ambiguous r-controlled vowel in its second syllable - but if you know it uses the root vers, then you know the spelling! Is it spelled correctly on this sheet?
6th Grade
Fill in the blanks for sentences, break words down into their word parts, know definitions, and match antonyms to complete the puzzle.
6th Grade
Since word order has been randomized, there's no cheating by using the start-of-unit word list. You'll have to figure out which word "ertcartaleb" is all on your own.
6th Grade
Only two words in this jam-packed crossword don't overlap with one or more other words. Pay extra close attention while hunting down all twenty-five.
6th Grade
Practice writing List 28's words in isolation using this file. It has the words numbered in ordered and two even columns of blank lines.
6th Grade
Reinforce typing skills and the everyday value of the week's spelling words all while giving kids a chance to let their creativity shine.
6th Grade


Whip out these review cards to squeeze in some practice at a moment's notice. 25 word cards and two blank bonus cards are organized on 3 pages of this file.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

This bite-sized ABC order activity is fun, quick, and accessible for all students!
6th Grade
Ready for something more difficult? Print this template and organize all 25 words from attractive to vertex.
6th Grade
This alphabetizing activity is perfect for tactile learners. Review and challenge words not included.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Unlike with the people in the graphic, make sure there's no conversation while students are using this test template!
6th Grade
Did you know that Seattle's Ranier Tower uses an inverted pyramid in its construction? This file contains full sentences such as that to make test time more enjoyable.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Find all 37 of Super Teacher Worksheets' 6th grade spelling lists in this file.
6th Grade
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6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

This page contains every 6th grade list in STW's spelling series.

Greek & Latin Word Parts

If your students can't get enough of Latin, try out some of the worksheets on this page! Match common roots to their meanings, guess word definitions based on roots, and more.

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