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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-21

Finish our prefix lists strong with Unit F-21, which continues with more forms of the assimilated prefix ad-. Remember consonant doubling at the absorption site, then confidently spell assembly, arrogance, approximate, announcements, assume, array, attachment, annotate, arresting, appendix, apprehensive, apparel, apprentice, attentive, attribute, attain, assessment, arrangement, attempt, and appropriate.
spelling f21 Worksheets

Spelling List

This second ad- spelling list contains five more of its absorbed forms that appear in everyday words: an-, at-, ap-, as-, and ar-.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Which of this week's four two-syllable words has a short vowel sound? How many schwas are in the word apparel? If you can answer those questions, you're on your way to success with this worksheet!
6th Grade
Many misspellings on this worksheet involve errors where the prefix has been added, but not all of them!
6th Grade
The third page of this file is an answer key, but pages one and two should be printed together to provide both the puzzle and the word bank. Page two notes that no challenge or review words are included.
6th Grade
Even though they're scrambled and randomly mixed in with the standard and challenge words, chances are the review words will stand out! See if you can find them first.
6th Grade
Hopefully you're an attentive audience member at a school assembly... but can you find assembly and attentive near each other in this puzzle?
6th Grade
Avoid fringy loose-leaf paper and unaligned, handwritten columns by using this file. It's perfect for practicing writing the 21st unit's spelling words.
6th Grade
Words that students are most likely to use or come across have been selected for this original-sentence-writing activity. Grading criteria also provided.
6th Grade


Prepare for test time in style! Some might even call these orange review cards "arresting" (which is a word that can be found on the third page of the file).
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

This alphabetizing activity divides all the words into smaller, more manageable groups of five for a no-stress homework or in-class assignment.
6th Grade
This file has neatly organized blank lines numbered 1 through 20. Print a copy of the F-21 word list to use alongside it.
6th Grade
This hands-on, intermediate alphabetizing activity uses all 20 of the regular spelling words, from annotate to attribute.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Want a uniform set of tests to make grading easier? Click here and run off as many copies as needed!
6th Grade
If you're not a fan of thinking up sentences on the fly, this is the link for you! We have a complete list a spelling words in random order, each with a full-length sentence.
6th Grade

Master Lists

This links to a file with all of our sixth grade spelling units and words.
6th Grade
See also:
Spelling Unit F-22

The next list in the series switches focus from prefixes to suffixes. Kick off the suffix study by reviewing the common ones that appear in unavailable, eligible, breathless, resourceful, glamorous, and similar words!

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

The full list of 6th grade word lists, worksheets, activities, and practice resources is linked here.

Greek & Latin Word Parts

If you haven't already checked it out, this page contains additional worksheets on absorbed prefixes (including ones not covered in the 6th grade spelling series) as well as charts and worksheets for identifying other roots and affixes.

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