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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-20

Ad- means to or toward, and it’s English's most frequently absorbed prefix. In Unit 20 of STW’s grade six series, students will master these new words: adhesive, alliteration, additional, accomplishment, accessible, aggression, accelerate, affixes, allocate, alliance, affect, aggravate, addictive, accommodate, affiliate, allegiance, adjust, affirmative, advocate, adjoining, acquaintance, and adolescence.
spelling f20 Worksheets

Spelling List

This is the first of two units that examine the prefix ad-. Words on this list have the base form ad-, or one of these four derived spellings: ac-, af-, ag-, or al-.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Knowing how to differentiate between short, long, schwa, and r-controlled vowel sounds is a must for this worksheet. Other sections ask about synonyms, silent consonants, usage in context, and more.
6th Grade
Accommodate is one of the most frequently misspelled words in English, mostly due to its use of not one, but two absorbed prefixes! Is it spelled correctly in #7? (Only nine words on this sheet don't need any corrections!)
6th Grade
The criss-crossing clues of this engaging crossword puzzle will be an extra bit of help in remembering the correct word spellings.
6th Grade
These word jumbles have two steps: figure out the mixed-up words, then correctly spell them on the accompanying line.
6th Grade
The doubled letters in this puzzle are doing their best to distract, but clever students will locate all 25 hidden words in no time so long as they're looking closely.
6th Grade
Commit tricky spelling features to memory through practice. Writing each word two times each is just the beginning; keeping writing them as many times as needed.
6th Grade
To make the most of this dual typing and spelling activity, disable any autocorrect features on student devices first!
6th Grade


Step up your spellers' review time by using these colorful cards, perfectly sized for your palm to flash through quickly.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Each of the 25 words needing to be alphabetized starts with a vowel! Four of five groups consist only of ad- words; the three in- review words are included in the fifth subgroup.
6th Grade
When it comes to alphabetizing all twenty-five List 20 words, it's nice to know all the review words are automatically bumped to the end since they don't start with a - but you'll have to be a bit more careful with the rest!
6th Grade
Cut out twenty of this week's spelling words and place them in the correct order from accelerate to allocate before gluing them onto the top half of the sheet.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

The common adhesives tape and glue grace the corner of this printable spelling test. Each numbered line has plenty of space to spell even the longest words.
6th Grade
Print yourself a copy of this helpful test-day aid. Regular, review, and challenge word order is randomized within their individual sections.
6th Grade

Master Lists

This PDF has all of Super Teacher's 6th grade spelling words listed by unit.
6th Grade
See also:
Spelling Unit F-21

This link takes you to List 21, where you'll explore the final five derived spellings of ad- with the words announcements, apparel, arrogance, assume, attentive, and others.

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

All grade 6 units are conveniently listed on this page.

Greek & Latin Word Parts

Click here for additional practice using ad- and other absorbed prefixes, as well as various non-absorbed prefixes and a variety of roots.

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