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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-19

List F-19 introduces the absorbed prefix sub- and its alternate spellings sug-, sur-, suc-, sup-, and suf-. Find them in this complete list of new words: submarine, surrogate, subconscious, sufficient, substance, subheadings, supplement, suffer, successor, supportive, supposed, suppress, subterranean, suggestion, subtitles, surrender, suffix, submerge, suffocate, succumb, suburban, substitute.
spelling f19 Worksheets

Spelling List

Sort this week's words based on those that use the original form of the absorbed prefix sub- and those that use one of its five different derived forms.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Which word on the list ends in a silent consonant? Which challenge word has the /sh/ sound? Answer these and other questions to complete this 2-page worksheet.
6th Grade
So long as they remember which root/base word spellings absorb the prefix (and then make sure to double the consonants), students will love being expert editors for this activity!
6th Grade
The crossword puzzle in this link is an enjoyable challenge with an even ratio of vertical and horizontal clues. A submarine floats appropriately in the bottom corner.
6th Grade
Kids won't be able to look at their word list to quickly figure out these scrambled words; all 25 words are in a randomized ordered, just like their mixed up letters!
6th Grade
Be on the lookout for overlapping letters in this week's challenging crossword. (Up to three words use the same letter!)
6th Grade
This file is organized into three columns: numbered words on the left, then two spacious blank lines for student practice to the right.
6th Grade
Practice spelling and typing at the same time by inventing original sentences with the following selection of words: submarine, subtitles, supposed, suffer, suggestion, surrender, substitute, suppress, supportive, successor, subheadings, and suffix.
6th Grade


Don't worry about messy handwriting on handmade cards. Print off one or more copies of these flashcards instead and make review time fun!
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Rearrange each group of five words until they're in accurate ABC order. Only the review words in the second group start with a different letter!
6th Grade
Since the List F-17 review words start with p, it makes sense that they come first on this worksheet. But can you correctly fill in the next 23 lines without making a mistake?
6th Grade
The first page of this file has 20 numbered boxes on the top half and the 20 regular spelling words on the bottom half. Cut along the dotted lines separating the words and glue them to their corresponding number in ABC order.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Messy, fringy, disorganized tests done on loose leaf are a thing of the past! Make copies of this template and pass them out on test day.
6th Grade
Full sentences containing the spelling words are organized with the main twenty in random order, then the three review words, and finally the two challenge words.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Need all of our sixth grade spelling lists in one spot? This master list might be just what you're looking for.
6th Grade
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