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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-18

Absorbed or assimilated prefixes change spelling based on the root or base word. In- (meaning not) is the topic of the 18th unit in the series. This week’s words: invulnerable, irrelevant, illegible, impassable, impractical, irresistible, inexpensive, improper, irregular, illegal, illegitimate, immature, innocent, immortal, individual, inedible, immobilize, immediate, impurities, illogical, inconspicuous, and irreparable.
spelling f18 Worksheets

Spelling List

Start this spelling unit by looking through the word list and making note of the assimilated spelling patterns, changing in- to im-, il-, or -ir depending on the third letter.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

This worksheet asks students to look beyond the in- prefix in their words. It asks questions about vowel and consonant sounds, synonyms, and in-context usage.
6th Grade
Become an expert proofreader using this 2-page worksheet. Each sentence uses one Unit 18 spelling, review, or challenge word. Determine which have errors and then correct them.
6th Grade
To find the solution to this puzzle, students will have to master the in- prefix in its many forms. Don't forget doubled consonants!
6th Grade
Crossing out letters as you go is the best way to make sure you don't miss any while unjumbling all twenty-five words.
6th Grade
This file contains a word search that fits the full list of 25 words into its 15x20 dimensions. How many are hidden in each direction?
6th Grade
Students should practice writing and spelling words multiple times throughout the week, and this PDF is the perfect place to practice them at least two of those times.
6th Grade
The instructions and grading criteria for this assignment encourage students to write substantive sentences - at least 7 words in length - using 12 of the week's words.
6th Grade


These pocket-sized cards are great for squeezing in review at any time. Make enough for a few groups or pairs, or make a whole class set.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Alphabetizing this week's words will help reinforce the relationship between the root or base word's first letter and which form of the prefix is used.
6th Grade
If alphabetizing is your superpower, then this is the activity you want! Try to fill in all 25 lines with correctly alphabetized spelling words without having to erase anyting.
6th Grade
Double or triple check that you've alphabetized correctly before gluing the cut-out words on the numbered squares.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Hopefully students are as invulnerable to spelling errors on List F-18's end-of-unit test as the superhero in the corner of this template is invulnerable to harm!
6th Grade
This file has the spelling words in random order. Words are presented both in isolation and in short, complete sentences.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Print out our full sixth grade spelling list. It includes each of our 30 main lists, 4 holiday word lists, and 3 themed word lists.
6th Grade
See also:
Spelling Unit F-19

Continue mastering assimilated prefixes with List 19. Sub-, sup-, sur-, suf-, suc-, and even sug- all mean below or underneath in words like submarine, surrogate, suggestion, suffix, subheading, suppress, successor, and suffocate.

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

Click here to return to the main index page that lists the regular, holiday, and themed grade 6 spelling units.

Greek & Latin Word Parts

One section of the linked page is all about absorbed prefixes, including an additional worksheet solely focused on the prefix in-.

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