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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-15

Words from other languages usually don’t follow English spelling patterns. List 15 in the sixth-grade spelling series includes loan words from several different languages, such as axolotl, khaki, leprechaun, cello, etiquette, wildebeest, debut, jalapeño, camouflage, boutique, pharaoh, reservoir, tsunami, quesadilla, souvenir, cliché, spiel, parachute, sabotage, bologna, and challenge word karaoke.
spelling f15 Worksheets

Spelling List

Every word on this list contains one or more letters that behave strangely by English standards - because the words don't originate from English! The special activity calls attention to these spelling patterns.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

The questions in this 2-page file will draw attention to vowels that make unexpected sounds, words that have hidden syllables, and complex consonant sounds like /ch/ masquerading as single letters, all due to the words' foreign origins.
6th Grade
For these loan words, it can be as difficult to spot correct spellings as it is to spot mistakes! Eagle-eyed students should find this proofreading activity engaging.
6th Grade
10 words sprawl horizontally and 10 sprawl vertically in this fun crossword puzzle that tests students' knowledge of their spelling words.
6th Grade
These jumbled words might prove more challenging than normal! Unscramble them, but make sure every letter is in the right place when it's time to rewrite the word.
6th Grade
Have fun searching for the 25 List-15 words hidden across, down, and diagonally in this spacious puzzle.
6th Grade
Practice and repetition is important for remembering tricky spelling patterns. This printable sheet has dedicated space for writing each word multiple times.
6th Grade
This file contains a typing assignment and paired grading rubric. Kids will practice spelling and typing while also letting their creativity shine.
6th Grade


These eye-catching purple review cards will help this week's words stick in your learners' minds. You can add your own loan words on the two free blank cards if you'd like.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

This file breaks down the word list into smaller chunks, grouping words together based on where their first letters generally fall in the alphabet.
6th Grade
This worksheet is perfect for a trickier alphabetizing activity, since it uses all 25 regular, review, and challenge words in one large list.
6th Grade
The alphabetized, numbered list of 20 spelling words kicks off with axolotl - but what comes next? Cut out and rearrange the slips to find out.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

If you're looking for a test to put a smile on your students' faces, this template with its happy axolotl graphic just might do the trick!
6th Grade
There's no need to wrack your brain for on-the-spot sentences for each word on test day. Just make sure to print this file ahead of time!
6th Grade

Master Lists

If you want to see all our spelling lists in one place, this is the link for you.
6th Grade
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Spelling Unit F-16

STW's 6th grade spelling series kicks of its study of affixes by reviewing the common prefixes dis-, de-, mis-, and re-. Misstep, decompose, redistribute, dissimilar, deodorant, misguided, disinfectant, reencounnter, and descent are examples.

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

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