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3rd Grade Common Core: SL.3.1d

Common Core Identifier: SL.3.1d / Grade: 3
Curriculum: Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration
Detail: Explain their own ideas and understanding in light of the discussion.
14 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned worksheets found:
I am sometimes called a groundnut or a goober-pea.  I am used to make medicine, soap, paint, and kitty litter.
Level: 3rd Grade
Common Core
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I am made from a bean. Long ago I was used to make a bitter drink.  Today I am found in candy, cake, and even ice cream.
Level: 3rd Grade
Living creatures with 8 eyes?  What could these clues be describing?
Level: 3rd Grade
Figure out the names of the popular Christmas carols using the images.
Level: 1st through 4th Grades
I was one of the first animals to be tamed by humans.  I am smart and curious, which explains why I often escape from my pen.
Level: 3rd Grade
I am an animal with black skin and a black tongue.  I mostly eat seals, but I can even eat some types of whales.  My fur is white and I live in Alaska, Greenland, and Canada.
Level: 3rd Grade
What unusual African animal could these clues be describing?
Level: 3rd Grade
We are birds, but we don't fly.  Most birds are afraid of people, but we are not.  We all live in the Southern Hemisphere.
Level: 3rd Grade
Students try to determine the mystery food by reading the daily clues.
Level: 3rd Grade
Figure out the mystery word that matches each clue.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Can you tell what these picture puzzles are trying to say?
Level: 2nd through 5th Grades
Can your students figure out the answers to these tricky riddle puzzles?
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Students solve the number-letter teasers, also known as diltoids.  (example:  26 L in the A = 26 letters in the alphabet)
Level: 4th through 8th Grades
Can you unscramble all twenty-six of these 5-letter words?  Includes a fun scoring key for kids.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
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