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5th Grade Common Core: 5.MD.4

Common Core Identifier: 5.MD.4 / Grade: 5
Curriculum: Measurement And Data: Geometric Measurement: Understand Concepts Of Volume And Relate Volume To Multiplication And To Addition.
Detail: Measure volumes by counting unit cubes, using cubic cm, cubic in, cubic ft, and improvised units.
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This worksheet contains large volume cube shapes.  Determine the number of cubic units for each shape.  These solid shapes are very tricky, so students will need to count carefully.
Level: 4th through 6th Grades
Common Core
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Count the number of cubic units in each shape and write the volume.  There are no hidden cubes on this worksheet.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Count the cubes to find the volume of each shape.  This level does not contain hidden cubes.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
This volume worksheet includes 4 types of problems.  There are rectangular prisms drawn with cubes and drawn with dimensions.  There is also a word problem.
Level: 5th and 6th Grades
How many cubic units make up each of these shapes?  Count the cubes, but don't forget to include the assumed "hidden" cubes that you can't see.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Count the cubes to determine the volume. This level has some cubes that cannot be seen ("hidden cubes").
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Calculate the number of cubic units that make up each solid shape.
Level: 4th and 5th Grades
In week 26 of our 5th grade Math Buzz series, students will: count cubes to determine the volume of a rectangular prism, classify quadrilaterals, solve word problems, and divide by exponents.
Level: 5th Grade
Print these task cards on card stock and use them for learning centers, classroom scavenger hunts, morning math practice, document camera visuals, or small group instruction.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Determine how many cubes are in each shape to estimate the volume.
Level: 3rd through 5th Grades
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