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1st Grade Common Core: 1.MD.1

Common Core Identifier: 1.MD.1 / Grade: 1
Curriculum: Measurement And Data: Measure Lengths Indirectly And By Iterating Length Units.
Detail: Order three objects by length; compare the lengths of two objects indirectly by using a third object.
12 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned worksheets found:
Determine the longest and shortest item in each group. (examples: Color the flower with the longest stem. Color the umbrella with the shortest handle.)
Common Core
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Practice addition problems with missing addends, comparing sizes (shorter, longer), drawing lines to divide a shape into quarters, add and subtract double-digit numbers, and make a pictograph based on data in a tally table.
Complete a number bond (fact family). Tell how many tens and ones it takes to make 43. Tell time on an analog clock. Measure a glue stick using non-standard units.
Measure pictures in nonstandard units and then compare the measurements to each other. For example: "The crayon is 4 paperclips long. The paint brush is 8 paperclips long. The paint brush is 2 crayons long."
Use non-standard units to compare lengths of a guitar and a drum. Use place value blocks to solve subtraction and addition problems. Answer questions about a bar graph. Draw hands on a clock.
Students will cut out the pictures of the animals and glue them in order from smallest to largest. Depending on students' age and level, you can let them refer to the book for help or do the activity on their own.
Cut out the pictures of the paperclip, crayon, pencil, and paintbrush. Arrange them in order from shortest to longest and glue them onto the page.
Color the date on a calendar. Measure a marker with non-standard units. Compare two digit numbers using <, >, and =. Solve basic addition and subtraction word problems.
Demonstrate knowledge of place value (tens and ones), coin identification (penny), comparing measurements in non-standard units, identifying halves, and solving word problems.
Cut out the flower illustrations. Arrange them from shortest to tallest.
Find 10 more and 10 less than a given number. Solve a column addition problem (2-digit plus 1-digit). Identify flat surfaces of a cone. Measure a pencil and crayon with non-standard units.
This set of Math Buzz worksheets has more place value questions, coin identification (dime and quarter), some 10 more/10 less problems, and simple addition with three addends.
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