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1st Grade Common Core: 1.MD.1

Common Core Identifier: 1.MD.1 / Grade: 1
Curriculum: Measurement And Data: Measure Lengths Indirectly And By Iterating Length Units.
Detail: Order three objects by length; compare the lengths of two objects indirectly by using a third object.
11 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned worksheets found:
Determine the longest and shortest item in each group. (examples: Color the flower with the longest stem. Color the umbrella with the shortest handle.)
Level: 1st Grade
Common Core
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Complete a number bond (fact family). Tell how many tens and ones it takes to make 43. Tell time on an analog clock. Measure a glue stick using non-standard units.
Level: 1st Grade
Practice addition problems with missing addends, comparing sizes (shorter, longer), drawing lines to divide a shape into quarters, add and subtract double-digit numbers, and make a pictograph based on data in a tally table.
Level: 1st Grade
Color the date on a calendar. Measure a marker with non-standard units. Compare two digit numbers using <, >, and =. Solve basic addition and subtraction word problems.
Level: 1st Grade
Cut out the pictures of the paperclip, crayon, pencil, and paintbrush. Arrange them in order from shortest to longest and glue them onto the page.
Level: Kindergarten and 1st Grades
Demonstrate knowledge of place value (tens and ones), coin identification (penny), comparing measurements in non-standard units, identifying halves, and solving word problems.
Level: 1st Grade
This set of Math Buzz worksheets has more place value questions, coin identification (dime and quarter), some 10 more/10 less problems, and simple addition with three addends.
Level: 1st Grade
Find 10 more and 10 less than a given number. Solve a column addition problem (2-digit plus 1-digit). Identify flat surfaces of a cone. Measure a pencil and crayon with non-standard units.
Level: 1st Grade
Cut out the flower illustrations. Arrange them from shortest to tallest.
Level: Kindergarten and 1st Grades
Use non-standard units to compare lengths of a guitar and a drum. Use place value blocks to solve subtraction and addition problems. Answer questions about a bar graph. Draw hands on a clock.
Level: 1st Grade
Measure pictures in nonstandard units and then compare the measurements to each other. For example: "The crayon is 4 paperclips long. The paint brush is 8 paperclips long. The paint brush is 2 crayons long."
Level: 1st and 2nd Grades
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