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New Spanish Translations on STW

We add new Spanish versions of our printable worksheets, games, and teaching tools all the time! This page highlights some of our most recent Spanish translations.

(added September 21, 2023)
Use these number cards to practice ordering numbers that go up to the billions place.
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(added September 21, 2023)
This file includes 5 sets of cards. Students will cut out each set and put the cards in order from the least to greatest amount of money.
(added September 21, 2023)
This file includes 5 sets of cards with numbers going up to the thousandths place. Students will cut them out and place them in order from least to greatest.
(added September 12, 2023)
Solve the basic division problems and use the answers and the key to color accordingly and complete the two worksheets.
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(added September 12, 2023)
Practice basic addition skills and color in two fun mystery pictures with this file.
(added September 12, 2023)
This file includes two color-by-number pages. When uncolored, they look very similar. However, the keys and numbers on the pages are different. One worksheet shows a witch while the other shows a cat.
This short passage tells about a trip to the zoo. Comprehension questions include two multiple choice and one fill-in-the-blank.
This short story is about a boy's lost hat. Test your early readers' understanding of the text with the three reading comprehension questions.
At only five lines, this short passage is perfect for early readers. The three included questions will test their recall and ability to understand what they are reading.
This short passage includes a few basic facts about penguins. The worksheet has two short answer questions and one multiple choice.
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Early readers can practice basic reading comprehension skills with this short passage about a girl and her bike.
Introduce young learners to the world of reading comprehension with this short passage and set of questions.
This jack-o'-lantern maze is a bit more difficult than our easy pumpkin maze. Can you find your way to the end?
Can your students find their way through the jack-o'-lantern?
Have your students practice their basic multiplication skills with this worksheet. The two coloring pages may look similar, but they'll each reveal a different image when completed.
Students will complete the basic addition problems and use the answers and their corresponding colors to complete this worksheet.
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Follow the key to color in the pictures on these worksheets. Whether you reveal a runner or a gymnast depends on which of the two worksheets you complete!
Use this coloring page as a fun supplemental activity for students learning about Day of the Dead.
Have your students label their Morning Work folder with this page, which can be colored in.
Have your students fill in their name and color this page to create their own special cover for their homework folder.
Your students can individualize their vocabulary folders by coloring this page and writing their name on it and then putting it on the front of their folder.
Encourage your students to get creative by coloring their own cover for their Writer's Workshop folder or binder.
¿Habla español?
Many of our worksheets have been translated into Spanish! Click the Super Teacher Worksheets Languages Icon button below worksheet descriptions to view our Spanish translations.
Use this printout as a cover for your students' Reader's Workshop folders or binders.
Students can color in this page and write their name on it. Then they can put it on the front of their Language Arts folder or binder to make keeping track of it easy!
Students can use this printable page to personalize their orchestra folders.
Need a way for your students to keep track of their band folders? Print off this page and have them personalize it with their name and coloring skills.
Are you looking for a way to have students label their ELA folder? Then you've come to the right place! Students can color this page to personalize their folder or binder.
Have your students label their speech folder with this colorable page.
This short reading comprehension passage is perfect for early readers. The worksheet includes 3 reading comprehension questions.
Challenge your students to find the pictures hiding within this forest scene. A key is included to help.
There are 18 hidden images in this picture. Can your students find them all?
Check out the fun beach setting shown on this worksheet! Use the key at the bottom to help find the hidden pictures within the illustration.
Do you see anything out of place in this winter scene? It might be one of the hidden pictures!
This isn't just any space-themed picture. There are 18 hidden images throughout the illustration. Look for all of them!
This worksheet features a school-themed illustration, but everything is not as it first appears. There's a pencil hidden on a bus, a tablet on a wagon, and many more hidden pictures. Can your students find them all?
There are objects hidden in this ocean scene. Challenge your students to find all the objects from the key in the picture.
Can you find the items from the box hidden in the picture of the farm?
Students can label their writing folders with these convenient printable worksheets. This original version can be colored in, but if preferred, there is a full-color version available by clicking the ALT button.
Students are able to color in and label their technology binders with this handy subject cover worksheet.
Take home folders can be labeled with these fun printable worksheets. Students can color them in and put their name on them.
STEM binders can be labeled easily with this printable worksheet. Students can color them in or a full-color version is available by clicking the ALT button.
Spelling folders for your students can be labeled by printing out and coloring in this subject cover worksheet.
Students will have fun coloring in this printable subject cover worksheet for their Social Studies binders. A full-color version is available via the ALT button.
This fun printable worksheet can be colored in and labeled with your student's name for their science folders.
Students can use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color in this Reading Subject Cover to add flair to their binders and folders.
Your class can use this printable subject-cover to label their music folders.
Math  Free 
Labeling math folders and notebooks is easy with this printable subject cover that can be colored in and labeled with a student's name. A full-color version is available via the ALT button.
This subject cover printable is generic so it can be colored and used for any subject.
Art  Free 
This printable worksheet can be colored in for students to label their art folder. A full-color version is available by clicking the ALT button.
Use the key at the bottom of this worksheet to color the picture of the Olympic Rings.
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