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We add interesting articles to help sharpen students' reading skills all the time! This page highlights some of our most recent reading comprehension additions to the site.

Monkey, Squirrel, and Sloth are three friends who disagree on what color to paint their treehouse.
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Luca and Ivy are collecting colorful autumn leaves and using them to make shapes on the ground.
Louisa May Alcott is the American author who wrote the Little Women book series.
Read this short biographical passage about the Wright Brothers, and learn about their infamous 1903 invention: the motorized airplane.
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On a trip to the beach, the narrator of this poem picks up many pretty seashells. When she gets home, she discovers that they are even more special than she had imagined.
Lucky the dog is waking everyone up at the crack of dawn. At first everyone resists, but when they finally wake up, they see something amazing outside their front window.
Lungfish have the ability to survive in hot, dry climates. They have the ability to go into a dormant stage called estivation, and they have lungs that allow them to breathe air.
Chipmunk is looking for her breakfast, but it looks like her friends have already eaten all of the food in the forest. When she finds her friends, she discovers that they've planned a special surprise.
This is an uplifting poem about the "everyday heroes" who help out in your community.
This poem describes the many things a toad can do with a toadstool.
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In this cute poem, kids will discover that a furry canine can be the best friend of all!
Jacob and Ruby have lost their dog on a foggy night. Will they be able to find their beloved canine, Coco?
A a crab and a sea urchin have symbiotic relationship. The sea urchin protects the crab with it's sharp spikes, while the crab helps the urchin move around the ocean floor.
Learn about how knitting helped soldiers during the First World War. Following the article, there are multiple choice questions, matching questions, and a writing section.
This short article highlights the achievements of Susan La Flesche Picotte, the first Native American woman to earn a medical degree.
Your students will learn about how the first settlers in America established their colonies and the hardships they faced.
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Tommy, Clara, and Colin are playing in the snow. Each one of them is building a snowman. Whose will be the tallest?
Learn about urban, suburban, and rural communities in this clever poem.
Mia and Annie think there's a ghost in Mia's bedroom. What are they going to do? Activity includes comprehension questions, a writing prompt, and vocabulary words.
Lia and Andy are almost ready for trick-or-treating! But to make their Halloween night just right, they will have to make a few swaps first.
Learn all about supply and demand in this fun poem that features Stan and his Boomtastic Flies!
Explore the natural world on a scenic nature hike. This poem includes comprehension questions, a writing activity, and a vocabulary page.
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Rory can hardly wait to read her new favorite book from the school library, but somebody is already reading it! Is the book going to be worth the wait? Reading comprehension questions and vocabulary words included.
Heather and Noah have some pretty good ideas! What will they be able to accomplish together today? Reading activity includes a writing prompt, comprehension questions, and vocabulary words.
What is the Bill of Rights? Learn all about the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights, in this fifth grade-level reading comprehension activity.
Learn all about the Constitution of the United States in this fifth grade-level social studies article.
Learn about what it is like to go to school in China in this fifth grade nonfiction article.
Learn what it was like to live in ancient China in this fifth grade nonfiction article.
Learn all about China in this fascinating article about the country with the largest population on earth!
Mark and Ava gather everything they need for a perfect picnic. Will the rain clouds overhead ruin their plans?
In this poem, a tourist has a close encounter with awe-inspiring whales.
Claire and Anna discover that reading can take you on unexpected adventures—even inside the pages of a good book!
Learn all about those pesky houseflies that your mom reminds you to keep away from the food - and why it's best to heed her warning! This sixth-grade level nonfiction article includes comprehension questions, vocabulary terms, and a writing prompt.
Learn all about the clever octopus in this nonfiction science article targeted toward a fifth-grade reading level!
Cassie and Eli play a fun game with shadows. This story includes reading comprehension questions, vocabulary matching, and a writing prompt.
Learn all about the sleep cycle, dreaming, and more in this fascinating nonfiction article!
Learn the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources in this nonfiction science article.
Learn about a remarkable woman who faced difficult challenges to become an accomplished doctor, scientist, astronaut, explorer, and astronaut: Dr. Mae Jemison.
When you think of a courageous trailblazer, who comes to your mind? When you learn about Harriet Tubman in this historical biography, you'll see why she is remembered as a heroic and courageous leader of the abolitionist cause. This activity includes comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing response.
Have you ever heard of the pangolin? This unusual little animal is the scaliest mammal in the world! Yes, that's right! These mammals have scales! Learn all about pangolins in this fifth grade level reading comprehension activity.
Annie can't fall asleep. Will her nighttime visitors find a way to lull her into sweet dreams - without counting sheep?
When Brandon wants to introduce Nick to his "kitty," Nick is expecting to meet Brandon's pet! Who he meets at the end of the story is definitely a surprise!
Zoe, Grace, and Devin go outside to play in the snow. When Grace and Devin can't decide what kind of snowman they should build, Zoe comes up with an idea they'll all like! Activity includes comprehension questions and vocabulary words.
Did you know the peregrine falcon can dive up to 200 miles per hour and hunt prey at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour? Learn more fascinating facts about the peregrine falcon in this article geared toward a fifth grade reading level. Comprehension activities included.
A magical fairy disguises herself as a beggar to find an elf worthy of getting his wish granted. The task is harder than it appears. Will she be able to find a worthy elf? Comprehension questions and vocabulary words included.
This clever story is a retelling of Aesop's Fable. Activity includes thinking questions, vocabulary terms, and a journaling activity.
Things can look a lot scarier than they really are when you can't see them clearly. That's what Dominick discovers when he loses his eyeglasses. This reading comprehension activity includes short answer questions, vocabulary words, and a writing prompt.
Uh oh! Sophie only has three apples to divide between she and her three friends. Can they come up with a plan so everyone can enjoy Sophie's apples? A fall-themed reading comprehension activity with follow-up questions, a writing prompt, and vocabulary.
Have you ever seen a banana slug? These mollusks really do look exactly like the fruit they're named after! Learn interesting facts about banana slugs in this animal article. Includes comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing prompt.
Learn all about black holes and what makes them such a mystery! Students will become familiar with what black holes are, how they form, what happens when objects get too close to black holes, and more.
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