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Volume of a Cylinder

The worksheets below can be used to help teach students how to calculate the volumes of cylinders. The basic level worksheets do not include decimal measurements. The advanced level includes decimals and/or fractional measurements.

Volume of Cylinders Worksheets

Level: Basic

Calculate the volume of each cylinder. There is an example and formula at the top of the page.
7th and 8th Grades
Common Core
Multiple Versions Available
Multiple Versions Available
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This worksheet shows 9 cylinders. The height and radius of the bases are given. Students calculate the volume of each.
7th and 8th Grades
Compare the volumes of two cylinders. Answer 14 questions that walk you through volume calculations step-by-step.
7th and 8th Grades
Calculate the volumes of the cylinders in each of the word problems.
7th and 8th Grades
This file has 30 task cards that you can cut apart and use for small group instruction, peer study groups, learning centers, classroom scavenger hunts, and classroom games.
7th and 8th Grades

Level : Advanced

The top of this page is an explanation of how to find the volume of a cylinder. Beneath that are six problems for students to solve.
7th and 8th Grades
Calculate the volume of 9 different cylinders. In this set, one or more of the measurements given is a decimal.
8th Grade
Solve each word problem by finding volumes of cylinders. Problems include decimals up to hundredths.
7th and 8th Grades
See also:
Volumes of Rectangular Prisms

From this page you can download a collection of worksheets on calculating the volumes of rectangular prisms.

Sample Worksheet Images

Volume Task Cards (Printable)

Volume Worksheets - Cylinders

Volume of Cylinder Printable Worksheets

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