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Below you will find a variety of printables featuring the State of Arizona for your students to practice and learn with.

State of Arizona Worksheets


Color the Alabama state flag, the state bird (Cactus Wren), and the state flower (Saguaro Cactus Blossom).
3rd through 5th Grades
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This a colored map of Arizona that you can print out for your students. You'll find the capital and several cities pointed out as well as rivers, lakes, and national parks.
4th and 5th Grades
This map of Arizona is blank and can be labeled with cities and landmarks.
4th and 5th Grades
This labeled map of Arizona lists the major cities, waterways, and bordering states.
4th and 5th Grades
This map is the same as the original blank map of Arizona, but it doesn't show the bordering states and Mexico.
4th and 5th Grades
This printable Arizona map worksheet has students coloring and labeling cities, bordering states, and bodies of water.
4th and 5th Grades

Reading Comprehension

Hoover Dam was built on the border of Arizona and Nevada. It provides thousands of homes and businesses with clean, hydroelectric power from the Colorado River.
3rd and 4th Grades
The Grand Canyon in Arizona is known for its enormous size and colorful landscape. Within the canyon's walls, visitors can view some of the most ancient rock layers in North America.
4th through 6th Grades
This is a short paragraph about the Painted Desert. After reading the passage, students answer six comprehension questions.
3rd Grade
This reading comprehension article includes lots of facts about the saguaro cactus of the Sonoran Desert. You can test your students' reading comprehension skills by having them answer the questions after reading the article.
4th Grade
Arizona's dry climate makes for a good habitat for the desert cottontail. Have your students read all about these rabbits and answer the reading comprehension questions on this worksheet.
4th Grade

Flags & Seals

This page shows a color image of the state flag of Arizona.
3rd through 5th Grades
Have students use this page to color in the correct colors of the Arizona flag.
3rd through 5th Grades
Show this page to students learning about Arizona to help them become familiar with this important symbol of the state.
3rd through 5th Grades
Use this page to show students the Arizona state seal. You can even have them research the correct colors and have them color it in.
3rd through 5th Grades


Have your students solve this cryptogram puzzle so they can learn two new facts about the State of Arizona.
4th and 5th Grades
Find sixteen words hidden in this word-hunt puzzle. Search for: Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Phoenix, southwest, Ditat Deus, mesa, copper, cactus wren, Colorado River, four corners, and saguro cactus.
3rd through 5th Grades
Students will have fun unscrambling these words to find different symbols and geographic points for the state of Arizona.
3rd through 6th Grades

Mystery State Activities

Why is Penelope wearing her life preserver as she drives through the desert landscape of Arizona? Her answer is perfectly logical.
4th through 6th Grades
Use a map of the USA to find which state is shown on this worksheet and then complete the information on the bottom.
4th and 5th Grades

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Arizona Worksheets - Labeled Map

Grand Canyon Reading Comprehension

State of Arizona Worksheets - Word Scramble Puzzle

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