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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-6

Next up in the grade 6 spelling series are the similar sounds /k/ and /kw/. Students might be surprised that the letter q is often involved in both! Preview of the regular words in Unit F-6: kayak, hectic, monarch, quirky, critique, lacquer, chronological, technique, choir, squeamish, conquistadors, squander, klutz, plaques, chaotic, cloak, turquoise, quotient, relinquish, critic.
Spelling List 6th Grade F6

Spelling List

Kids will love spelling these 20 "quirky" spelling words, along with challenge words chlorophyll and kumquat, and three review words from Unit F-4. This list draws attention to the letters that produce the /k/ and /kw/ sounds in each word.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Which of this unit's words makes the /kw/ sound without using the letter q? Learn the ins and outs of each word by answering that and many other questions in this PDF.
6th Grade
Find your spelling words within these short sentences, circle them, decide if they're correctly spelled, and then fix any misspellings!
6th Grade
From relinquish to squeamish, can you figure out which word pairs with which clue? Students need to know all 20 to solve this crossword.
6th Grade
All spelling words have been jumbled up and put in a random order! Students will have fun unscrambling letters to figure out each real word.
6th Grade
Don't be thrown off by misleading spare letters while looking for all twenty-five standard, review, and challenge words hidden throughout this fun puzzle.
6th Grade
Give students this worksheet so that they can practice writing each word. All words are listed next to two spacious lines, while an encouraging kayaker paddles on the corner of the page.
6th Grade
Improve spelling and typing skills alike using this printable activity and an electronic device of your choice. Includes a grading scale for your convenience.
6th Grade


Make review time more enjoyable with these yellow cards. Words are printed in bold, one on each card, along with clearly marked review words and challenge words.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Break the task of alphabetizing 25 words into bite-sized pieces using this worksheet. It asks students to work on only five words at a time, rather than the complete list all at once.
6th Grade
If your students need a greater challenge getting their words in ABC order, use this worksheet instead of the previous one. Organize all 25 in one giant list!
6th Grade
Need something more hands-on for your kids? The main list of twenty words has been printed on cut-out rectangles with corresponding numbered boxes. Alphabetize the pieces, then paste them in the correct order.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Skip worrying about cramped writing on students' tests by using this template. Evenly spaced, generous lines are provided for each word, with special sections set aside for challenge and review words.
6th Grade
No need to come up with example sentences on the spot when it's test time! Print this sheet and read from it during the final assessment to provide words in context.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Find all 30 main word lists, 4 holiday word lists, and 3 theme word lists in this printable file.
6th Grade
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Spelling Unit F-7

The word list for Unit 7 examines the complex consonant sounds /ch/, /sh/, and /j/. Use our activities to learn their spelling patterns in words such as manufacture, dungeon, procedure, situation, licorice, exaggeration, and chandelier.

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

All worksheets for the Grade 6 Spelling Series can be accessed through this complete index of the units.

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