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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-25

Although all the 6th grade words in List 25 end in the letter y, they do not all end in the same suffix! Sort the words agility, haughty, dramatically, allegedly, formally, anxiety, humility, desperately, cautiously, generosity, calamity, suitably, eventually, complexity, faulty, fidgety, subtly, humbly, unwieldy, gravely, emphatically, and ceremoniously based on suffix they use: -ity/-ety, -ly, or -y.
spelling f25 Worksheets

Spelling List

Check out this unit's spelling words with the suffixes -y, -ly, -ity, and -ety. This printout includes a complete list of words, 3 review words, and 2 challenge words.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

What is the base of the word humbly? Write a synonym for the word carefully. Write a spelling word that means accused of but not proven. Answer these questions and more on this worksheet!
6th Grade
Read each other these 25 sentences carefully and find the spelling word. Then determine if it is spelled correctly or incorrectly.
6th Grade
This crossword puzzle is full of puzzling clues. Can you solve each clue correctly?
6th Grade
Oh no! All of the words on this page are scrambled! Can you rearrange the letters to correctly spell each word?
6th Grade
See if you can find the words desperately, humility, and haughty in this word search activity.
6th Grade
Print out this worksheet as a quick way for students to practice this unit's spelling words. This activity includes all 25 spelling words and lines to write each word two times.
6th Grade
This activity doubles as spelling practice and typing practice! Students will type 12 sentences using 12 spelling words.
6th Grade


These flashcards are ready-to-use. Just print out and cut! Use them to introduce the spelling words, have students quiz each other, and more!
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Student will alphabetize groups of five spelling words on this worksheet.
6th Grade
This worksheet doubles as spelling practice and an alphabetizing activity. Students will write their whole spelling list in ABC order.
6th Grade
Are you looking for a hands-on alphabetical order activity? In this activity students will cut out 20 spelling words and physically manipulate the words into ABC order.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Simply print out this spelling test outline and pass it out to your students on test day!
6th Grade
Teachers, this document is perfect for giving your next spelling test! Simply print and read the words and sentences aloud to your students.
6th Grade

Master Lists

This file contains all of our spelling lists and can be used as an easy reference guide for teaching sixth grade spelling.
6th Grade
See also:
Spelling Unit F-26

The schwa sound in suffixes -ence and -ance requires practice to master! Our List 26 spelling resources will help students write persistence, reference, compliance, significance, residence, correspondence, insurance, coincidence, and many more words correctly.

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

The index of all spelling units and their related worksheets is provided here for your convenience.

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