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Sixth Grade Spelling List F-10

This page has all the resources for List F-10, which focuses on the word endings -ory, -ary, and -ery. Each of them can make a tricky schwa sound! 6th grade words this week are secretary, documentary, dictionary, surgery, nursery, category, unnecessary, temporary, misery, itinerary, military, territory, mandatory, observatory, scenery, literary, mystery, solitary, satisfactory, and auditory.
spelling f10 Worksheets

Spelling List

This PDF lists the 20 new standard words, 2 new challenge words, and 3 review words from List F-8. Do the extra activity in the "about" section to get a better feel for these word endings!
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

This detailed worksheet asks about prefixes, phonetics, definitions, and usage in context for all List F-10 words. Versions with and without answer keys are provided.
6th Grade
Each short sentence on this worksheet uses one spelling word. Some are spelled correctly while others are spelled incorrectly. It's up to students to figure out which is which!
6th Grade
Fill in the puzzle using twenty of this week's spelling words. The standard words are included on the second page of this file, which we suggest printing two-sided.
6th Grade
Starting with secretary and ending with literary, can your students sift through the jumbled letters in each word until they have their correctly spelled list again?
6th Grade
Find every word hidden in this puzzle by searching down, across, and diagonally. Don't be distracted by the extra letters!
6th Grade
Fill in the blank lines on this sheet by carefully writing all your spelling words two times each. Make sure not to make a mistake!
6th Grade
Temporary, unnecessary, mandatory, and mystery are just a few of the words students are asked to use in original, typed sentences in order to complete this activity.
6th Grade


Whip out these pocket-sized flashcards to make review sessions fun! They work well for independent, paired, or even group study. Try whole-class review too!
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Did you know more than five List 10 words start with the letter s? Some of them form the first group of words needing to be alphabetized for this activity.
6th Grade
See if you can write your full list of twenty-five words in accurate ABC order without having to erase anything!
6th Grade
Using this file, students can manipulate twenty cut-out slips with spelling words on them. Get them positioned in ABC order before pasting them in place!
6th Grade

Spelling Test

A picture of a happy secretary will encourage students while they take their test for Unit F-10.
6th Grade
Is it test time already? You can print out this file or read from it on a device. This randomized sheet has words listed individually alongside a full sentence.
6th Grade

Master Lists

View the word lists for all of our sixth grade spelling units here.
6th Grade
See also:
Spelling Unit F-11

List F-11 looks at the inflectional (or inflected) endings -ed and -ing. Watch for consonant doubling and vowel drops in regretted, abandoning, begging, resembling, knotting, excelled, forbidding, embedded, and other words.

6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

Find any puzzle, activity, practice worksheet, or test for any of the Grade 6 Spelling Series units from this page.

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