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Thanksgiving Spelling Grade 6

This spelling list is made up of all Thanksgiving-themed words. Find a list, test, alphabetizing activities, and more below. Words include: harvest, gourd, celebration, onion, voyage, gratitude, cranberries, dessert, plentiful, guest, bountiful, prosperous, centerpiece, generous, casserole, recipe, cinnamon, delicious, heritage, banquet, thankful, maize, biscuit, and cornucopia.

Thanksgiving: Spelling Grade 6

Spelling List

Countries all around the world celebrate some version of Thanksgiving. Words on this list will help you express thanks, describe a successful harvest, and talk about food.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Complete this sheet to learn the phonetic features and nuances in definition of this week's spelling words. Each word is used only once.
6th Grade
Read these short sentences, circle the spelling word in each, then decide whether or not it's spelled correctly. If there's a mistake, write the correct spelling on the line.
6th Grade
Print the first two pages front and back for a built-in word bank, but consider challenging students to first answer as many puzzle clues as they can without looking. They might surprise you!
6th Grade
Words have been put in random order and then had their letters jumbled up. Unscramble them and write the correct spellings on the adjacent lines.
6th Grade
Some words in this puzzle overlap others as many as five times! You can turn this activity into a fun mini-competition to see who can find all 25 words first.
6th Grade
This printable template gives space for writing each word two times each. Color in the gourds for an added bit of fun!
6th Grade
This spelling activity doubles as a creative writing exercise, well-themed for the time of year. Page 2 includes a scoring slip for each student.
6th Grade


Want to make sure students aren't skimping when it's time to make spelling word flash cards? Print off this file instead. Basic and challenge words are clearly marked.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

The list of 25 words has been split into smaller groups, making this alphabetizing worksheet accessible to a wide range of students.
6th Grade
This file contains a sheet for students to write their 25 words in ABC order and an answer key. Words not included, so make sure they have their word lists from the start of the unit.
6th Grade
This hands-on activity is great for tactile learners. Cut out and move the slips of paper with spelling words into correct order before gluing or taping them in place.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

Test papers ripped hastily from spiral notebooks are a thing of the past if you use this template.
6th Grade
Try not to salivate while reading these delicious sentences out loud! Words are divided into regular, challenge, and basic, and randomized within those categories.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Do you want to see our full list of 6th grade spelling words? This file includes the word lists for all 37 units.
6th Grade
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Thanksgiving Worksheets

Our Thanksgiving page includes reading comps, writing prompts and activities, coloring sheets, scavenger hunts, and more.

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