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Halloween Spelling Grade 6

This Halloween-themed spelling unit features some scary words! They include: mysterious, gargoyle, gruesome, cauldron, frightening, crypt, phantom, apparition, specter, tarantula, werewolf, bloodcurdling, cemetery, laboratory, eerie, sinister, phobia, nocturnal, superstition, and arachnid.

Halloween: Spelling Grade 6

Spelling List

This spooky themed list has themes of its own! Adjectives like menacing describe something creepy, nouns like poltergeist are types of ghostly figures, and words like crypt are related to graves. Can you sort the words? What about the ones that don't fit those categories?
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

This multi-section worksheet has scrambled words, fill-in-the-blank sentences, and phonics questions. Which spelling word makes the /ch/ sound? (Hint: it doesn't have a ch!)
6th Grade
Nine out of twenty-five words on this worksheet are spelled correctly. Find and mark them as correct, then give the correct spellings of the others.
6th Grade
This crossword activity has twenty blank words written vertically and horizontally. It's a mysterious puzzle! Solve this crossword using 20 clues.
6th Grade
This worksheet may look frightening, but it's actually quite fun! See if you can unscramble each mixed-up spelling word!
6th Grade
The word list might be gruesome, but this word search certainly isn't! Find all regular, basic, and challenge words hidden in this 16x22 puzzle.
6th Grade
This sheet adds a bit of neatness and flair to the tried-but-true practice of writing words multiple times to help reinforce their spellings.
6th Grade
Let your spellers' creepy creativity shine while honing their terrifying typing skills at the same time! This file contains a list of 12 words, activity instructions, and grading criteria.
6th Grade


These appropriately purple pocket-sized review cards are a quick but useful study tool. Print, cut out, and even laminate for longevity if desired.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

After students alphabetize these separate groups of five words each, check their answers using the key on the second page.
6th Grade
There are 25 blank lines for writing the whole spelling list in order from A to Z. (Or from A to W - apparition to werewolf!)
6th Grade
Twenty spelling words are printed on the bottom half of the file's first page with dotted lines to cut along. Rearrange them in ABC order and then glue them in the numbered boxes.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

A gargoyle graces the corner of this test sheet. Print as many copies as there are students for a seamless testing experience.
6th Grade
Set the mood on spelling test day by reading aloud chilling and skin-crawling sentences that pair with each word.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Check out our full list of 6th grade spelling words, including 30 main units, 4 holiday units, and 3 themed units.
6th Grade
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Halloween Worksheets

Add a little more frightening flair to the classroom using this link. The Halloween page links you to all sorts of printouts, crafts, Halloween-themed spelling lists for other grades, literacy units for appropriately spooky books, and more!

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