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Spelling Theme Unit: ELA Words (Grade 6)

This sixth grade ELA-themed spelling list includes the following words: biography, vocabulary, pronunciation, bibliography, literacy, expression, genre, epilogue, synopsis, personification, informative, introduction, connotation, metaphor, simile, explanatory, perspective, thesaurus, thematic, citation, analysis, synonym, antonym, narrative, and interrogative.
ELA Words: Spelling Grade 6

Spelling List

The various terms, devices, and elements associated with the English Language Arts can be tricky to spell and define. Studying this themed list of spelling words will help address those issues.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Which basic word can be used as both a noun and an adjective? This worksheet asks about parts of speech, vowel sounds, complex consonant spelling patterns, syllabication, and word definitions.
6th Grade
Proofreading is an essential ELA skill. What better way to practice than using ELA-themed words? Read the sentences, circle the spelling word, write CORRECT if there's no mistake, and provide the real spelling if there's an error.
6th Grade
Kids will love this puzzle. Clues contain definitions, fill-in-the-blank sentences, antonyms, and more. You'll need to know which literary device is used when someone says "the garden begged for rain" to answer #2 across.
6th Grade
Unscramble the jumbled letters of your spelling words and write the correct word on the line. Just don't make a mistake of your own!
6th Grade
All twenty-five spelling words are packed into this puzzle. 12 are hidden across, 9 hidden down, and 4 hidden diagonally - but only 1 doesn't overlap another word.
6th Grade
The old saying is true: practice makes perfect. Print this file to give your spellers practice writing their words using pre-made, neat columns.
6th Grade
Although the activity can be adapted for handwriting, don't let typing skills fall by the wayside. Reinforce spelling and typing simultaneously with this worksheet, complete with pared down word list, instructions, and scoring criteria.
6th Grade


These review cards can be used for whole class, small group, or independent study. Consider adding a definition to the back so that they double as spelling and core vocabulary practice!
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Alphabetize these genres, devices, text elements, and English skills in bite-sized chunks of five words at a time.
6th Grade
Of STW's three tiers of alphabetizing activities, this is the most difficult. All 25 words must be sorted at the same time using just a pen or pencil. Check answers using the key on page two.
6th Grade
Bring a dash of hands-on fun to the English classroom using this cut-and-paste alphabetizing worksheet. It's perfect for kinesthetic learners.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

If test time is right around the corner, print up a class set of these answer sheets to save yourself and students from having to scrounge for spare paper.
6th Grade
Test-day preparations aren't complete until you have a copy of this sheet. Word order has been scrambled and each word is paired with a full sentence using it in context.
6th Grade

Master Lists

This printable document has all of our sixth grade spelling lists, including the holiday and theme units.
6th Grade
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6th Grade Spelling (Main Index)

Can't decide what spelling list to tackle next? This index page compiles all available units in the series.

ELA Worksheets

This link will take you to STW's main index page for English Language Arts worksheets. You can navigate between resources about parts of speech, punctuation, grammar, concepts like fact v. opinion, literary devices, and even cursive practice.

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