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Christmas Spelling Grade 6

This is our sixth grade Christmas spelling unit. We have puzzles, worksheets, a spelling test, and more. The holiday-themed words include: festive, ornaments, tinsel, fruitcake, candlelight, poinsettia, reindeer, jubilant, deliveries, tradition, icicle, December, decorations, garland, toffee, scrooge, partridge, yuletide, mistletoe, pageant, boughs, anticipation, toboggan, excitement, and sugarplum.

Christmas: Spelling Grade 6

Spelling List

Looking for a way to keep students engaged with spelling during the festive pre-Christmas season? Use this themed list of words.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

This 2-page worksheet asks about vowel sounds, complex consonant spelling patterns, syllabication, compound words, synonyms, and more.
6th Grade
Misspelled words on this worksheet use tricky alternate spelling patterns for different vowel and consonant sounds. Be careful identifying which are right and which are wrong.
6th Grade
Did you know reindeer are caribou, or that sugarplums are usually just candies (and not plums at all)? Use clues like these to complete the crossword puzzle.
6th Grade
Even the biggest "grosoce" will have fun unscrambling this "efsvite" list of words!
6th Grade
Words are hidden 11 across, 9 down, and 5 diagonal. Extra letters are craftily designed to mimic word parts and throw off students during their search.
6th Grade
Don't fret over disorganized homework on looseleaf! Print copies of this file for practicing writing words multiple times.
6th Grade
Twelve of the most commonly used spelling words have been singled out for this writing activity. Disable spellcheckers to make students rely on their own abilities.
6th Grade


Make drill and review time more festive with these merry red cards.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Words are sorted into groups based roughly on where in the alphabet they fall. For example, yuletide is the only word in group #5 that doesn't start with t!
6th Grade
Using the word list from the start of the unit as a reference, rewrite all words in ABC order. Students can color in the large poinsettia for a bit of festive fun too.
6th Grade
Start with anticipation and keep going until you reach yuletide. Use glue or tape on the word slips to match them with the correct number.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

This festive test template is a perfect way to end your holiday-themed spelling unit.
6th Grade
Don't worry about ad-libbing sentences for the spelling words during test time. Print out a copy of this sheet instead!
6th Grade

Master Lists

It's not too late to start teaching our full 6th grade spelling series. This file has all of the word lists.
6th Grade
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