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Spelling Theme Unit: Careers (Grade 6)

With this spelling unit, students will learn to spell and recognize words related to occupations they might someday be interested in. Terms include: orthodontist, cashier, filmmaker, accountant, administrator, optometrist, agriculturist, hygienist, attorney, physicist, mechanic, cosmetologist, translator, surgeon, chef, investigator, supervisor, salesperson, dietitian, curator, technologist, custodian, designer, architect, and restaurateur.
Careers: Spelling Grade 6

Spelling List

Kids are sure to recognize many of these professions! The "About Your Words" section will help them realize how many use agency-granting suffixes like -ist and variations of -or and -er.
6th Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Puzzles

Which two letters make the /sh/ sound in dietitian? What is a name for someone who produces crops or raises livestock (and isn't farmer)? Complete this activity by answering those questions and more!
6th Grade
Fix the misspelled words on this 2-page worksheet, but first you'll have to identify which have errors and which are spelled correctly.
6th Grade
The second page contains a word bank that can be printed front-and-back or stapled to the puzzle on the first page. However, consider challenging students to solve as many clues as they can using just their knowledge of careers before looking.
6th Grade
If you can unscramble everything on this worksheet, then maybe you should consider a career in cryptology! Standard, basic, and challenge words all included.
6th Grade
Optometry, museum curating, and restaurant ownership might not overlap much in real life, but they certainly do in this puzzle. Who can find their words the fastest?
6th Grade
Use the lines provided to write each spelling word twice. Words are listed in order on the left with two columns of blank lines to the right.
6th Grade
The provided grading sheet for this dual spelling and typing activity takes sentence length, punctuation, and neat formatting into account. Improve multiple skills at the same time!
6th Grade


This set of flashcards lists the spelling level (F), theme unit (Careers), and then the word in large, bold font. It also identifies the bonus words as basic or challenge level.
6th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Words have been divided into groups of five based on approximately where their first letters fall in the alphabet. One group all starts with a, and another with c!
6th Grade
Looking for an alphabetizing challenge? Make sure you have a copy of the word list and then print this file: all 25 words need to be handwritten in ABC order on the blank lines.
6th Grade
The 20 numbered rectangles on the top half of the first page are waiting to be filled with correctly alphabetized words, from accountant to translator.
6th Grade

Spelling Test

An orthodontist and her patient grace the corner of this text template. It has space for the name, date, and all 25 words, with challenge and basic word sections clearly labeled.
6th Grade
Every word has been used in a complete sentence to be read aloud during the end-of-spelling-unit test. Order is randomized.
6th Grade

Master Lists

Take a look at our full list of spelling words and units for sixth graders here.
6th Grade
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