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Next Dollar Up

On these printable worksheets, students practice rounding money amounts up to the next dollar amount.

money next dollar up Worksheets
Look at the prices of the pretzel, pizza, soup, hamburger, and fries. Round each up to the next dollar.
1st and 2nd Grades
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This file contains task cars with pictures and prices for 20 different items. Round each one up to the next dollar to determine how many dollars are needed.
1st and 2nd Grades
Look at the price of the rubber duck, toy train, yo-yo, teddy bear, baseball, and xylophone. Find the "next dollar up" for each.
1st and 2nd Grades
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Round money to the nearest dollar, or to the nearest 10 cents. (Unlike Next Dollar Up, students may be rounding up or down.

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Rounding Money Worksheets - Next Dollar Up

Rounding Money - Next Dollar Up Task Cards

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