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Letter M: Trace and Print

This page has several kinds of trace and write worksheets that students can use to learn how to write the letter M m. There are also coloring and ink dabber activities to boost your lesson.
Letter M Worksheets

Trace and Print

Color the milk, mail, and moth. Then trace and write the letter M and m.
Pre-K through 1st Grade
Common Core
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This headband has pictures of a map, mice, and a muffin to be colored in, as well as lines to write the letters M and m.
Pre-K through 1st Grade
Practice writing lowercase m on this printable worksheet.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Trace along the gray lines to write lowercase m.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Use this worksheet to practice tracing and writing the letter m on primary-ruled lines.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
This worksheet instructs how to write capital letter M by tracing on the dotted lines.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Another worksheet to help practice writing capital M.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Practice handwriting skills with this letter M worksheet.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
Find the letter M m, the write M and m five times each, then write words that start with letter m.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Use this worksheet to keep working the letter M with students.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Letter M: Mixed Skills

Students can use this worksheet to practice writing and tracing the letter m. They can also practice identifying the letter m among other letters and picking out the images of items that start with an m.
Pre-K through 1st Grade
Practice basic skills related to the letter m with this worksheet.
Pre-K through 1st Grade
Practice writing and recognizing the letter m with this worksheet. Activities include matching words to pictures and tracing full words and a complete sentence.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Letter Recognition

Color only the baseballs with the letter M m.
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Color only the mugs with the letter M m on them.
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Students will need their coloring supplies for this alphabet letter recognition worksheet featuring uppercase "M".
Pre-K and Kindergarten
This printable alphabet worksheet has a large outline of lowercase "m" for students to color so they can practice letter recognition.
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Practice letter recognition with this worksheet. Dab the circles with colored ink daubers in the shape of letter M.
Pre-K and Kindergarten

See Also

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Letter M Worksheets

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